Tutu Hippie Round Concealer

Tutu Hippie Concealer

A while ago Bornprettystore asked me if I wanted to try some more of their beauty products. The products I have tried in the past were all pretty amazing so I decided to do it and chose something else I really wanted to try. The product I ended up choosing is the Tutu Hippie Round Concealer. I personally love using cream concealers, so this one seemed perfect to me. Today I’m going to be reviewing it. If you’re interested in finding out whether or not I ended up liking it, keep on reading!

Tutu Hippie Concealer Box

Tutu Hippie Concealer Packaging

The Tutu Hippie Round Concealer comes in a really, really pretty and adorable packaging. The box is comes in has a gorgeous design on it with birds and other doodles and the jar itself looks really adorable too. I really love the detailing around the edges of the lid. It looks so girly and cute. It actually kind of reminds me of the Too Faced packagings.

The concealer comes in two different colours. It was pretty hard to tell from the picture which one would match my skin tone the most, so I ended up buying the one that looked the lightest, which is number 03.

Tutu Hippie Concealer Colour

When I opened up the jar I was pretty surprised by a few things. The first thing being that the colour of the concealer isn’t at all what I expected. I expected a skin tone like colour, but it turned out to be a verypink colour. The second thing that surprised me is the fact that the concealer contains a lot of shimmer. The shimmer is pretty fine and not too chunky, but it is shimmer and I don’t like shimmery concealers. To be real honest hear, this doesn’t even look like a concealer to me.

After opening up the jar I soon concluded that I wasn’t going to use this as a concealer. But, I did really want to find another use for it, especially since it’s such a pretty looking product. I thought of using it as a cream shadow for underneath my eyeshadow, but after feeling the product I pretty quickly realised that that wasn’t going to be it either. The product is way too greasy for that. I’m sure it will crease within no time on my eyelids.

Tutu Hippie Concealer Cream

After thinking about it for a while I finally thought of something brilliant. I could use this product as a face highlighter. It’s pinky, it’s shimmery and it’s not too dark, this could make a gorgeous highlighter. Even though I’m usually not a big fan of cream highlighters, I was very excited to give it a shot at being one.

But, back to the product itself. On the bornprettystore website it says the following about this concealer:

“Excellent Concealer powder, light texture, can conceal flaws, and it can brighten complexion.
This Concealer Makeup powder can cover up, adhere to and make up for your skin so to make you more charming
Natural moisturizing ingredients to the skin deep, lasting moisture, make the concealer makeup effect lasting natural.
It can protect your skin from hurting by other things, like radiation, ultraviolet rays
Convenient to carry and easy to use.”

While reading this I get more and more disappointed. About 90% of what it says isn’t true. The only things I kind of agree with is that this product is capable of brightening my complexion  and that it’s easy to use, but that’s pretty much it. This concealer can definitely not conceal flaws, it’s everything but long lasting and it doesn’t moisturise my skin.

Tutu Hippie Concealer Swatch

When it comes to the pigmentation I’m even more disappointed than I already was. I was hoping that it would at least be pigmented or have high coverage, but that’s not it at all. It was incredibly hard to take a picture of the swatch on my hand because it just didn’t show up at all, so I decided to include a picture of the product on my finger. On my finger it does look kind of okay, but as you can tell from the swatch, it’s not okay at all. So even if you want to use it as a face highlight, it wouldn’t be a hit.

Tutu Hippie Concealerf

I think it’s pretty clear that I’m not positive about this concealer. The only thing I love about it is the packaging, and that’s basically it. The fact that this isn’t a concealer is already very disappointing, but knowing that you can’t use it as, for example, a highlighter because it’s too sheer, makes it even worse. I wish I could be at least a little more positive, but sadly I just can’t. Nope, I don’t recommend this product!

The Tutu Hippie Round Concealer is available here for $6,74 (use the code NMEH10 to get 10% off your bornprettystore order!).

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which product really let you down!

Naamloos 8

5 thoughts on “Tutu Hippie Round Concealer

  1. Dit merk kende ik nog niet, maar ik ben alles behalve enthousiast geworden na je review… De verpakking is inderdaad wel erg leuk!
    XOXO esmee


  2. Ik vind de verpakking van Tutu Hippie Round Concealer echt heel leuk en schattig tegelijk. Wel erg jammer van de pigment van het product dat beter kan. Echt jammer.


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