Kiko Smart Lipstick Candy Rose

Kiko Smart Lipstick Candy Rose

For the past two years now I have been all about lipstick. I don’t know how or why this sudden change from lip product hater to lover took place, but I’m totally okay with it. Because I am such a lipstick junkie now I buy lipsticks quite often. One of my most recent purchases is one of the Kiko Smart lipsticks in the shade Candy Rose. It’s my second lipstick from the Smart range and I was really excited to find out whether or not it would be just as amazing as the other one I own. Today it’s time to share the results with you. If you’re interested in finding out, keep on reading!

Kiko Smart Lipstick Packaging

First things first, the packaging. I really, really like the look of pretty much all Kiko products. First of all I love that everything comes in a black box. It looks so professional to me. Besides that I just like how simple but classy they kept their packagings. Nothing too fancy or special, but it does have that professional feel to it. I’m all about it.

The Smart lipstick range is one of the most basic ranges Kiko has. The lipsticks don’t have anything too special going on. No fancy, untrue claims, no weird textures, no different finishes, just a lipstick. And honestly, even though it’s really basic, I like that about it. After all these special things with all these special promises, I like seeing a lipstick that’s just a lipstick and nothing more or less than that.

Kiko Smart Lipstick Candy Rose Colour

The colour Candy Rose is absolutely gorgeous. Candy Rose is a really pretty rosy pink colour. It’s a pretty special and unique colour, I haven’t seen anything like it yet. Even though the name says Candy, it’s not a very bright and candy pink shade, but that’s mainly because of the Candy Rose combination. The Rose part really adds that warmth and soul to the colour. I love it. It’s such a pretty and romantic colour. It would be absolutely perfect for a valentine’s day look!

One of the things I like about this lipstick is that it’s really comfortable to wear. It’s not sticky or heavy and it doesn’t feel like it’s slipping and sliding everywhere. I think that’s a very important and amazing feature when it comes to this lipstick.

Kiko Smart Lipstick Candy Rose Lip Swatch

Pigmentation wise I’m also very pleased. It’s not the thickest, richest and creamiest lipstick in the world, but it does have great pigmentation. I applied just one layer of it for this picture, but you can definitely build it up and get an even intenser colour.

When it comes to staying power this lipstick is pretty impressive really. I wasn’t expecting too much from it on that part since it’s such a basic lipstick, but honestly, I was impressed. I talk a lot and this lipstick survived 3 to 4 hours of that. That’s not bad at all.

Kiko Smart Lipstick Colour

Over all I’m really glad I bought this lipstick. It’s absolutely stunning, the texture is nice, it’s a comfortable lipstick to wear, it has great pigmentation and the colour stays in place for quite a long time. I already loved Kiko a lot, but after trying this lipstick I love them even more, it’s absolutely amazing!

The Kiko Smart Lipsticks are available at the Kiko stores and webshop for €3,90.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you love the Kiko lipsticks as much as I do!

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7 thoughts on “Kiko Smart Lipstick Candy Rose

  1. Grappig dat je lipstick niet zo leuk vindt vroeger. Ik vind het een van de mooiste items van cosmetica. Zo te lezen is het prima lipstick. Ik hoor vaker goede verhalen van Kiko merk dat ik er echt benieuwd naar ben.


  2. Het is wel grappig dat je vroeger lipstick haat. Ik vind het juist een van de moiste items van cosmetica. Zo aan je review te lezen is het een meer dan prima lipstick. Ik hoor vaak positieve reviews over Kiko merk, dat ik erg benieuwd naar ben.


  3. Wauw, wat een mooi kleurtje! Hij doet me denken aan een lipstick die ik me al een tijdje kwijt ben. 😦 Het is een fijn kleurtje dat vrijwel iedereen mooi zal staan.


  4. Ik hoor veel goede dingen over kiko. Ik kom door je review wel heel erg in de verleiding om iets te kopen van dit merk. Ik ben benieuwd. Bedankt voor de goede omschrijving xoxo


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