Another Huge Beauty Haul (incl. MAC, Kiko, Balea, P2 & More!)

Huge beauty haul

Jup, it happened again, I went shopping (a few times) and I certainly didn’t hold back. But, in my defence, it was my birthday when I went shopping and I got gift cards and there were lots great deals out there I just couldn’t resist. I know that isn’t a real good excuse but that doesn’t matter for now because today it’s time for the haul. I always love reading/watching these, especially the huge ones that include lots of makeup, so I decided to do one myself today. If you’re interested in finding out what I bought, keep on reading!

Kiko Blush and Lipstick

Let’s start off with my Kiko order. Kiko had free shipping and had lots of products on sale that I wanted to have for quite a while now, so I ended up ordering quite a few bits and bobs. The first thing being one of the Colour Veil blushes. I heard some pretty good things about it so I really wanted to try it out.

Next up is one of the Kiko Smart Lipsticks. I already have one lipstick from this range, which I absolutely love, so I decided to order another one. I already reviewed this one, so if you want to know more about it, go check that out!

The Kiko Colour Veil Blush costs €3,90.
The Kiko Smart Lipstick costs €2,90.

Kiko Glossy Lipsticks

And, since I’m a real lipstick junkie now, I ordered three more lipsticks. These three are from the Ultra Glossy Stylo range. I personally really love glossy and sheer lipsticks, so I figured this range would be perfect for me. Since they were on sale I decided to just buy three different colours, ’cause why not? right.

The Kiko Ultra Glossy Stylo Lipsticks cost €2,90 each.

Kiko Foundation and MAscaara

Next up is the Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation. I was on the hunt for a light weight foundation without a matte finish, so this one seemed pretty much perfect to me. I wasn’t too sure about the colour since the lightest one was called “Warm Beige” and as I expected, it’s a bit too dark for me. It ain’t bad, but it’s not a great match either.

I also bought a new mascara. This one looked really good to me because of its rubber wand and the waterproof formula. I always love trying out new mascara’s so I decided to give this one a chance.

The Kiko Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation costs €3,90.
The Kiko Ultra Tech Waterproof Mascara costs €3,90.

Kiko Eyeshadowsz

Next up from Kiko are four of their Infinity Eyeshadows. The Infinity Eyeshadows are just like the Inglot Freedom System Eyeshadows, it’s pretty much the same concept. You can create your very own palette with them. I decided to try some of the shadows and ended up going for four amazingly beautiful colours. I didn’t buy the palette that goes with it yet because the one I wanted was out of stock, but I at least have some of the shadows already!

The Kiko Infinity Eyeshadows cost €1,90 each.

Kiko Nail Polishes

Lastly from Kiko I got five nail polishes. Seems a little extreme, but I just love the Kiko nail polishes. I bought three from the normal nail lacquer range and two from the Quick Dry range. I’m really excited to try all of these colours and see what they look like on my nails!

The Kiko Nail Lacquers cost €1,90 each.
The Kiko Quick Dry Nail Lacquers cost €1,90 each.

MAC Paint Pot Vintage Selection Jar

MAC Cremesheen Peach Blossom

MAC Soft & Gentle Packaging

Onto the MAC products I bought. My lovely friends gave me gift card for my birthday which you could spend on MAC products, so I decided to go ahead and buy some of the MAC products that have been on my wishlist for way too long.

The first product I got is the MAC Paint Pot in Vintage Selection. I have been wanting this Paint Pot for 4 years now, so I’m really, really glad I finally got it. I also got myself a new lipstick in the colour Peach Blossom. And lastly the famous MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. I’m so happy with all of my new MAC products!

The MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Vintage Selection costs €20,-.
The MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Peach Blossom costs €19,50.
The MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft And Gentle costs €29,50.

Balea giftset

Onto the stuff I got in Germany! The very first product I got is this little Balea gift set. It contains a body lotion and a shower gel that body smell like cranberry. I got this because it looked absolutely adorable and I love the smell of cranberries. I’m really excited to use these two!

The Balea Giftset costs €3,95.

Balea LE Showergels

Next up are four Balea shower gels. I absolutely love the Balea shower gels, especially the limited edition ones. When I saw the new limited edition was already out I had to buy all of them. But because I’m extreme like that, three shower gels aren’t enough, so I also got the shower gel in the scent hibiscus & nectarine which smells absolutely incredible!

The Balea shower gels cost €0,55 each.

Balea hair porducts

This time I also decided to take some of the Balea hair products with me. I have never tried anything else than the conditioners and it was time to branch out. The first thing I got is a spray to make your hair smoother. Even though I have pretty sleek and smooth hair, during the winter time it can get a little frizzy, so something like this spray could be pretty useful.

The next thing I got is a volume spray. My hair is the complete opposite of voluminous so I really needed something like this. I’m really excited to try this out!

The last hair product I got is a heat tamer spray. I only have a few that make my hair super greasy so I really needed something else. I hope this one will work better for me!

The Balea Trend It Up Tagenlang Glatt-Spray costs €2,45.
The Balea Volume Effect Forming Water costs €1,25.
The Balea Trend It Up Beschützendes Spray costs €1,95.

Balea conditioners

Even though I wanted to branch out, I still wanted to stock up my favourite conditioner ever. All of the Balea conditioners are free of silicones which is absolutely amazing because it allows me to use every version I want. I decided to buy the version for long hair, the version for coloured hair and the version for brown hair.

Besides conditioner I also bought a hair mask for coloured hair. My hair really needs that right now!

The Balea Conditioners are €1,35 each.
The Balea Hair Mask costs €0,95.

Balea micellair water and garnier eyemakeup remover

Onto some skin care products. I saw that Balea had their own micellair water and since I love micellair waters I couldn’t not buy it. I’m super excited to try this stuff out and to compare it to my beloved Bioderma!

I also bought a new Garnier 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover. I absolutely love this stuff and since I was running out of the bottle I had at home I decided to buy a new one.

The Balea Mizellen Reinigungs Wasser costs €3,45.
The Garnier 2 in 1 Eye Makeup Remover costs €3,25.

Balea skincare

I also bought three other products from the Balea skin care range. First off all two toners. One for combination skin and one for normal to combination skin. And I got myself a new Cleansing Foam. I really love cleansing foams and because I love Balea I decided to give this one a try.

The Balea Gesichtswasser for combination skin costs €1,45.
The Balea Gesichtswasser for normal to combination skin costs €0,75.
The Balea Reinigungs Schaum costs €1,95.

Skin care Balea, Garnier, Neutrogena

But that wasn’t it for skin care yet. I bought three more skin care products. The first one is a 3 in 1 Cleanser, Peeling and Mask. It seemed like a very interesting product so I decided to give it a try.

I also bought two daily face wash gels. One by Garnier and one by Neutrogena. Both looked really good and interesting to me and I’m really excited to try these products out!

The Balea 3 in 1 products costs €1,95.
The Garnier Daily Face Wash Gel costs €2,95.
The Neutrogena Daily Face Wash Gel costs €3,75.

Blush, bronzer and highlighter

Onto makeup. The first makeup item I got is this really pretty blush by a brand called Terra Naturi. I’m not familiar with this brand yet, but it looked pretty good to me so I decided to give it a try.

The next product I got is by one of my favourite brands ever, Alverde. Alverde never disappoints me. Because I love Alverde so much I decided to buy this baked highlighter and bronzer duo. It looked pretty interesting to me and I’m really excited to give it a try!

The Terra Naturi Blush costs €2,95.
The Alverde Bronzer & Highlighter Duo costs €3,95.

Essence highlighter and blush and P2 loose powder

Next up are two Essence products. First of all a highlighter from the Urbaniced limited edition. It was on sale for less than 1 Euro so I decided to take it with me. I honestly really like the Essence limited edition highlighters, so I’m really excited to see how this one turns out. I also decided to branch out a little and try one of their blushes. I have never, ever tried a blush by Essence so I kinda felt like I had to. I chose one from the Matt Touch range in a very pretty reddish pink colour.

I also bought a new P2 loose powder. I have used this before and used it up completely and because I really enjoyed using it I decided to buy a new packaging.

The Essence Urbaniced Highlighter was on sale for €0,95.
The Essence Matt Touch Blush costs €2,45.
The P2 Loose Powder costs €4,65.

Foundation and conealers

Pretty recently L’Oreal renewed their True Match foundation and because I really enjoyed using that one I decided that I wanted to give this new version a go as well. I was kind of disappointed in the colour selection, which wasn’t as big as it used to be, but aside from that, so far, I’m pretty much in love with it.

Then I went kind of banana’s on the concealer part. I bought four different concealers. The first one I got is the Maybelline Fit Me concealer. I heard so many good things about it that I just had to try it. The lightest shade is on the dark side for me, but I hope I can make it work. I also bought the Manhattan Wake Up Concealer. I expect it to be similar to the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, which, according to the internet, is pretty great, so I’m excited to try this one.

Next I bought a new tube of the P2 Mattifying Perfection Concealer. I have used up one entire tube of it and I really enjoyed using it so I bought myself a new one. And lastly I got the Catrice Re-Touch concealer. It kind of reminded  me of the L’Oreal Lumi Magique Concealer and Maybelline equivalent, so I was quite curious to find out if this one was any good.

The L’Oreal Perfect Match Foundation costs €10,95.
The Maybelline Fit Me Concealer costs €4,95.
The Manhattan Wakeup Concealer costs €2,95.
The P2 Mattifying Perfection Concealer costs €2,95.
The Catrice Re-Touch Concealer costs €3,95.

Lipsticks and lipliner

Next up are three lip products. First off all I bought one of the Full Shine Lipsticks by P2. I swatched this colour and it looked absolutely amazing, so why not buy it? I also bought one of the Soft Rouge Lipsticks by Manhatten in a gorgeous colour which is perfect for everyday wear. And lastly I got a lip liner by P2. I really wanted one which would go with lots of lipsticks and because this one is transparent it seemed like a pretty good option.

The P2 Full Shine Lipstick costs €2,25.
The Manhattan Soft Rouge Lipstick costs €3,35.
The P2 Perfect Lips Lip Liner costs €2,25.

Kiko brow gel and pencil

Next up is a P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel. I was running low on brow gel so I really needed a replacement, and since I’m a huge P2 fan I decided to go for one by P2.

I also saw that P2 had launched a new eye pencil range. The Impressive Gel Kajal eye pencils. I wasn’t sure about them until I swatched one. It glides on so smoothly and easily and it didn’t budge at all. If this one doesn’t smudge throughout the day, I will definitely be getting more colours.

The P2 Eyebrow Gel costs €3,45.
The P2 Gel Kajal Pencil costs €2,35.

P2 & Catrice mono's

Next up are eyeshadows. Even though I’m trying not to buy a lot of drugstore eyeshadows anymore since I just don’t really use them a lot, I couldn’t resist. The first one I got is one of the Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadows. I have loved these shadows for such a long time and this specific colour has been on my wishlist for such a long time that I just had to buy it now.

Aside from that I bought four of the P2 single shadows. Three from the Color Up! range and one from the Luminous Shine range. I’m excited to see if these are any good and to see if these are shadows I will actually gravitate towards.

The Catrice Liquid Metal Eyeshadow costs €3,95.
The P2 Luminous Shine Eyeshadow costs €2,45.
The P2 Color Up Eyeshadows cost €1,65.


Next up are these two lipbalms. I got one from the Care & Colour range by Labello since it’s a new range and it looked pretty appealing to me. And the other one I got is by Balea. I bought this mainly because I love Balea and I have never tried one of their lipbalms and I felt like I had to at this point.

The Labello Care & Color  Lipbalm costs €2,45.
The Balea Perlglanz Lipbalm costs €0,95,

P2 nail polishes

I also got some nail polishes, of course. First off all I got a nail care product, the P2 Ridge Filler. I really wanted to try it because I do struggle a lot with ridges and I still didn’t find something that can actually cure that so far. Aside from that I got two of the Volume Gloss polishes and one of the Color Victim polishes. I absolutely love the shades I picked out! I’m excited to wear them.

The P2 DD Ridgefiller costs €1,75.
The P2 Volume Gloss Nail Polishes cost €1,95 each.
The P2 Color Victim Nail Polish costs €1,55.

P2 LE polishes and maybelline top coats

But that wasn’t enough yet. I also bought two P2 Limited Edition nail polishes. One from the All About Berries collection and one from the Fabulous Beauty Gala collection. I really like colours like this for autumn and winter, so I’m pretty sure I’ll get lots of wear out of them.

Lastly for nails I got two Maybelline Gel Effect top coats. This because it’s my holy grail top coat and it’s just cheaper in Germany.

The P2 All About Berries Nail Polish costs €2,25.
The P2 Fabulous Beauty Gala Nail Polish costs €2,25.
The Maybelline Gel Effect Top Coats cost €2,95 each.

Makeup brushes

Next up are a few makeup brushes. In a store called Müller I came across these super good looking but affordable brushes. Because they looked so good and because they were so affordable I really wanted to try them out. I mean, I love some nice high quality brushes and I don’t mind spending a little more money on that, but it’s always nice to find something that is amazing and affordable at the same time.

Besides the brushes I got at Müller, I also got one brush at DM by the brand Ebelin. Their brushes look pretty dang good and they are all so affordable. I’m super excited to see it it’s any good.

The Bodysoul Powder Brush costs €4,99.
The Bodysoul Buffer Brush costs €3,99.
The Ebelin Blending Brush costs €2,95.

Isana showergels

At a drugstore called Rossmann I got a lot of shower gels. Previous time we went there my mom got this Pearl shower gel and I actually fell in love with it. Therefore I decided to stock up and buy two bottles myself. They are super affordable but smell absolutely amazing.

I also got a scent which I hadn’t tried before. It smells like oranges mixed with a creamy substance. I have never smelled anything like this before but I love it a lot!

The Isana Shower Gels cost €0,55 each.

Isana LE Showergels

I also got a few of their limited edition shower gels. I’m just a sucker for those. First off all I got one in a very fresh and floraly scent. It’s the perfect all year round shower gel. Than I got a more special scented one, called Winter-dusche. This one smells like caramel. I have to say I’m not a huge fan of caramel, but this scent is kind of amazing.

Lastly I got a shower gel called Good Night Wishes. I can’t really describe what it smells like, since it’s such a special scent, but I can tell you that it’s a nice one. I like it so far.

The Isana Shower Gels cost €0,89 each.

Treacle mon shower gel and Balea LE bodylotions

Next up is the new Treacle Moon shower gel called Sweet Apple Pie Hugs. I’m a huge, huge, huge Treacle Moon fan, mainly because of their awfully adorable packagings and the amazing names they come up with, so I kinda just had to buy this one. I have to say that I really like the scent. It’s quite unique and it’s not really for everybody, but I like it.

I also got the two Balea limited edition body lotions. The strange thing is that they have three limited edition shower gels, but just two limited edition body lotions, but that’s just the way it is.

The Treacle Moon Shower Gel costs €3,95.
The Balea Body Lotions cost €1,25 each.

Syoss shampoo and hairspray

Next up I got another bottle of the Syoss Volume Lift Shampoo. I’m pretty much in love with it because it’s one of the first good smelling shampoo’s without silicones that I have tried so far. Because it’s €5 in the Netherlands and only €1,75 in Germany I decided to buy a back up already.

Then I got myself a new hair spray. I don’t use an awful lot of hair spray, but when I do I prefer using the Wellaflex ones. Because mine was broken I bought a new bottle of it.

The Syoss Volume Lift Shampoo costs €1,75.
The Wellaflex Hair Spray costs €1,45.

Toothpaste and nail polish remover

I also got a few boring things like a toothpaste, a travel sized toothpaste and two nail polish removers, but even though they’re kind of boring to show in a haul, they are very useful and I’m actually really liking the toothpaste and the nail polish removers and I am actually kind of excited about them.

The Blend-A-Med 3D White Luxe Toothpaste costs €2,25.
The Odol-med Mini Toothpaste costs €0,85.
The Ebelin Nail Polish Remover costs €1,95.
The Oversa Nail Polish Remover costs €1,29.

Balea deo and bodybutter

I also stocked up on my favourite deodorant, which is the Balea Deo Roll-On Sensitive. I have gone through about 5 of these and I’m still in love with them, so I bought 4.

The purchase I’m most excited about are these two body butters by Balea in the scent White Passion. A few years ago Balea had this White Passion limited edition and I absolutely loved it. I got the shower gel and the body lotion. The bad thing is that I’m running low on both and because it was a limited edition they weren’t available anymore. But, this time, I saw they had the body butter version. I don’t know why they came out now, but I’m really happy they were there and because I’m so in love with the scent I decided to just get two.

The Balea Deo Roll-on Sensitive cost €0,55 each.
The Balea White Passion Body Butters cost €2,45 each.

Balea facemasks

I’m not a big face mask user, but from time to time I do like it. Because I do enjoy using the Balea skin care I decided it was time for me to try one of their masks. I got the Totes Meer Maske. I’m not completely sure what that means, but we’ll find out sooner or later. I’m excited to try these!

The Balea Totes Meer Masks cost €0,45 each.

Tweezeers and perfume

The second last thing I bought are two tweezers by Ebelin. I have some sort of weird obsession for tweezers and therefore I like buying lots of different ones with lots of different colours and patterns on them. I really like the look of these two.

The last item I got is a perfume by a brand called Betty Barlay. I’m not familiar with the brand but the perfume smelled really amazing so I decided to buy it.

The Ebelin Tweezers cost €1,85 each.
The Pure Style Perfume costs €8,95.

And that was it. That was everything I bought and ordered lately. It’s quite a lot, but I’m really excited to try everything out. I hope you guys enjoyed this huge haul and let me know which products you want me to review!

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12 thoughts on “Another Huge Beauty Haul (incl. MAC, Kiko, Balea, P2 & More!)

  1. Oeeh, ik ben gek op shoplogs! Leuke dingen heb je geshopt, ik ben benieuwd naar de kiko lipsticks en de p2 producten. Ik moet echt weer eens naar de dm toe!
    XOXO esmee


  2. Wow, inderdaad een grote beauty haul! De nagellakjes van Kiko vind ik echt prachtig! En nu ben ik ook echt benieuwd geworden naar de Alea Deo Roll-On Sensitive deodorant! Je hebt er veel ingeslagen haha!


  3. Hoeveel zal je niet kwijt zijn aan wat je allemaal hebt gekocht. Dat was mijn eerste gedachte. Maar ik vind het leuke en interessante producten die je allemaal hebt. Ben benieuwd!


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