Zoeva Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set

Zoeva Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set

For my birthday my sweet mom got me the Zoeva Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set. I have been wanting it for such a long time, so I’m really glad I can finally erase it from my wishlist. Normally I’m not that into reviewing brushes, but because Zoeva is just amazing and because this set is absolutely stunning I will make an exception. If you’re interested in finding out more about these brushes, keep on reading!

Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set Zoeva Case

The Zoeva Rose Gold Vol. 2 Eye Set comes in this rose gold pouch. Inside the pouch you will find 12 gorgeous brushes. The brushes themselves look absolutely amazing too, just like the pouch. The handle is salmon/pink coloured and has rose gold details on it and the part which is usually silver is rose gold.

The hairs of most brushes are plain white and some are duo-fibre like. I really like that about these brushes because I prefer using white haired brushes, or at least partially white haired brushes.

First four brushes Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set Zoeva

Concealer Buffer

The first brush in this set is the Concealer Buffer. This is, as the name already suggests, a brush which you can use to blend, or buff, in your concealer. Besides that you can also use it to apply powder in the under eye area, you can use it to apply and blend your cream eyeshadows, etc. It’s a pretty dense and stiff brush, but it’s really soft and doesn’t irritate the skin at all.

Luxe Soft Crease

The Luxe Soft Crease brush is one of my faves. It’s pretty similar to the Luxe Soft Definer (which I already owned and love) and I like that about it. Brushes like this are so multifunctional and I always feel like you can’t have enough of them. It’s the perfect brush for applying your crease colour.

Luxe Soft Definer

The Luxe Soft Definer isn’t new to me. I already owned one and loved it a lot, so I’m pretty excited that I have two now. I use this brush every single day to apply my transition colour in the crease. It’s just perfect for that. Besides that it could also be used to blend in concealer, apply powder on small areas and to apply basically all types of eyeshadows on all parts of your eyelid.

Luxe Crease

The Luxe Crease brush is a little more like your usual blending brush. Because of that it’s obviously perfect for blending your eyeshadows, but I also love using it for applying eyeshadow in the crease in a not too harsh way. The great thing about this brush is that it could be used to apply product, but also to blend it, and you can even do both things at the same time. I love that about it!

Brush 5 to 8 Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set Zoeva

Luxe Pencil

Onto the Luxe Pencil brush. I really needed a brush like this. This is the perfect brush for applying a darker shade in the outer corner or for applying a pop of colour in the outer corner/crease. Besides that it could also be used for applying eyeshadow underneath your eyes. It’s pretty multifunctional and the hairs are super soft, so it’s a really nice brush to work with.

Luxe Petite Crease

The Luxe Petite Crease brush isn’t new to me either. It’s a brush I use every single day for every single eye look I ever make. I absolutely love the shape because it fits really nice in the crease area and you can get the colour exactly where you want and nowhere else.

Luxe Classic Shader

Next up is the Luxe Classic Shader. This is another brush I just can’t have enough of. Because I wash my brushes every Sunday, and because I use eyeshadow, and therefore brushes like this one, every single day, I like having enough so I can use a fresh one every single day. This one is one of my favourites because of its length and because of the fact that it’s kinda stiff, but not really stiff. I love it!

Contour Shader

The next brush in this set is the Contour Shader. This is an angled shader brush with a kind of duo-fibre effect. It’s perfect for applying your highlighter underneath your eyebrow and in the inner corner, but you can also use it to apply your eyeshadow on any part of your eye. It’s pretty multifunctional.

Last 4 brushes Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set Zoeva

Luxe Precise Shader

Then we have the Luxe Precise Shader. This is one of those brushes I always needed but never had. It’s a pretty stiff but soft and tiny brush that is literally perfect for applying a bit of shimmer to the inner corner or to apply some sort of glitter on the eyelid. Besides that I just like how small it is because it enables you to work very precisely and I think that’s amazing.

Spot Liner

The Spot Liner is even smaller than the Luxe Precise Shader. It’s a duo-fibre like brush that could be used to apply eyeshadow underneath your eyes or even to apply (gel) eyeliner. Because I’m not a huge eyeliner user it’s not a brush I will use a lot, but since it’s the only brush in this set which I won’t be using a lot, I don’t really mind.

Brow Line

Next is the Brow Line. This brush has been on my wishlist for ages. It’s a very unique shaped brush that could be used to apply brow powder. It’s longer than the usual brow brush and the hairs are shorter. For some reason I just really like that. Besides applying brow powder, you can also use this brush to apply eyeshadow underneath your eyes or to apply a bit of concealer underneath your brows to sharpen the edges.

Luxe Brow Light

And then, the very last brush, the Luxe Brow Light. Out of all of these brushes this was the one I was most excited about. I have seen brushes like this every where on Youtube, but I didn’t have one like it yet. The Luxe Brow Light is a pretty big brush with relatively short soft hairs that could be used to apply your brow bone highlight but it’s also perfect for the application of an all over lid colour. I love, love, love it!

Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set Zoeva

So, I think it’s clear, I love this set. I love how every single brush in this set is actually useful to me and I’m just in love with the way they look. The quality of the brushes is just incredible and I love how easy they are to work with. I highly recommend this set if you’re looking for a great starters set, it’s the best!

The Zoeva Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set is available here for €65,-.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s post and let me know which brush brand you love the most!

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13 thoughts on “Zoeva Rose Gold Vol. 2 Complete Eye Set

  1. Wauw, wat een mooie set. Jammer dat Zoeva zo gruwelijk duur is geworden. Drie jaar geleden heb ik een kwastenset met sinterklaas cadeau gekregen. Hier zaten ook gezichtskwasten bij. Volgens mij kostte een volledige set met 12 (of misschien 16) kwasten maar iets van €25.00.
    Het neemt niet weg dat deze kwasten erg mooi zijn. Ik gebruik de kwasten van Zoeva nog steeds met veel plezier.


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