Styletone Box November Edition Unboxing

Styletone box November

Beauty boxes like the Beautybox, Styletone Box and Birchbox have been really popular for a while now, and ever since I first heard of them I have always wanted to get one. A while ago I finally did it and I subscribed to the Styletone Box. This month I got it for the second time and it was incredible. Because it was a very special edition I decided to show you guys what was in it, and I’ll tell you a little bit more about the products. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

Facewash & Facemask

Let’s start off with the very first product, the Green Pharmacy Herbal Cosmetics Gentle Facial Wash Gel. This one is for combination and oily skin. I was really excited to see that it’s made for my skin type and that got me very excited to try it out. I have used it a few times now and I have to say I really enjoy using it. It’s gentle, but it’s effective. It does get rid of all off my makeup, but it doesn’t make my skin feel dry or anything like that. So far, I’m liking it!

The Green Pharmacy Herbal Cosmetics Gentle Facial Wash Gel costs €5,99.

The second product in this month’s box is the Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Mask for all skin types. This one has cacao and coconut in it, and even though I absolutely hate the scent of coconut, I absolutely love the scent of this product. I haven’t tried it out yet, so I can’t tell you anything about the quality, but the scent is amazing!

The Evolve Organic Beauty Radiant Glow Mask costs €13,30.


Onto the next product, which is the Bubble T Hand Cream. I got the scent Moroccan Mint Tea and I absolutely love it. Even though the name of the scent didn’t sound very appealing to me, I just love it. It’s a very nice fresh but still wintery scent and I like it. It kind of smells like something I used to make when I was very young and I like that.

The hand cream itself is very nice. It’s super, super moisturising and leaves the hands smelling super nice. It does take a little while to sink in, but it’s a nice hand treatment to use when your hands are feeling really dry, which is something I do struggle with a lot at the moment.

The Bubble T Hand Cream in Moroccan Mint Tea costs €12,95.

Moisturiser & Liquid Lipstick

The second last product in this box was the Gilda 24H Cream, calming and balancing. This is a super expensive product and because it’s not specifically made for oily skin I expected to hate it, and secretly I kinda wanted to hate it, because if I love it and run out of it, I might want to repurchase it and that sucks. But, to be really honest here, this is one of the best moisturisers I have ever used. I do only use it as a night cream because it does take some time to sink into my skin, but it works like a charm. I usually wake up with a lot of oil on my skin, but when I use this, my skin isn’t oily at all in the morning. It’s incredible.

The Gilda 24H Cream costs €58,99.

The very last product in this month’s box is the Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint in a very pretty wearable pink shade. It comes off a lot darker on camera, but in real life it’s actually a very wearable colour. I’m not going to talk about it too much at this point, since I’m planning on reviewing it, but as far as the colour goes, I love it.

The Cailyn Pure Lust Extreme Matte Tint costs €17,95.

Overall I’m really impressed by this month’s box. I love every single product that was in it and I love the whole concept of it. I also really like that you get at least 5 full size products every month, and not just testers, and I like that it usually comes with almost exclusively makeup (this month was an exception because it’s the special edition). I really love the Styletone Box and I highly recommend it.

The Styletone Box is available on their website for €12,50 per month.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s unboxing and let me know which products you want me to review!


2 thoughts on “Styletone Box November Edition Unboxing

  1. Oh wauw er zitten echt een hoop fijne producten in! Vooral de Bubble handcrème lijkt mij goed van pas komen nu het weer kouder wordt en de handen vaak droger! De Gilda 24H Cream klinkt ook geweldig ❤


  2. Deze box ziet er heel goed gevuld uit! Wat een hoop leuke producten. Heel erg prettig dat je 5 full size producten krijgt voor zo’n klein prijsje.


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