P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Eye Pencil

P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Brown Eyeliner

If I had to name one makeup item I really love using but just always forget about, it has to be eyeliner. Not just eyeliner as in liquid eyeliner, but also eye pencils. For some reason I just always forget about it. Because I am aware of the fact that I forget using it 99% of the time, I usually don’t buy any. It’s quite a waste of money really. But when I saw these new P2 Impressive Gel Kajal eye pencils I just couldn’t resist. The minute I swatched it was the minute I knew there was no going back. It felt absolutely amazing. Today it’s time for the review. If you’re interested in finding out if this pencil any good or not, keep on reading!

P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Sharpner

P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Smudger

The P2 Impressive Gel Kajal pencils are packaged in a plastic ‘case’ which is the same colour as the pencil is. To get the product out you have to twist the packaging and it will come up. I really like packagings like that. The only thing some people dislike about that is that at one point the pencil won’t be sharp anymore and therefore it’s quite a struggle to create sharp and thin lines with it. Because P2 is absolutely amazing and innovative, they came up with a solution for that. It actually comes with a sharpener. To reveal the sharpener you just have to pull the bottom part of the pencil and there you go, you can now easy sharpen your pencil.

But that’s not all. This pencil also comes with a smudger. The smudger part could be used to blend, or, smudge the pencil a bit. This way you can really get that gorgeous smokey effect without needing a brush. I love that a lot!

P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Eyeliner

There were a few different colours available in the collection, including a black and a brown, but also quite exciting and colourful colours. I decided to go for this really pretty brown shade, which is called dramatic brown, because it’s not as harsh as a black, but it can still create that really pretty smokey effect which I really like. Besides that I think this brown colour is very versatile and I feel like it’s one of those colours that goes with pretty much everything.

Onto the most exciting part, the ‘gel’ part. Honestly, that part is what made me want to try this pencil. It sounded like it would be like a gel liner texture in pencil liner shape. According to P2 that is pretty much what it is. They say it’s a highly pigmented pencil with a very soft and smooth texture. Besides that, this pencil is also supposed to be long lasting and smudge proof.

P2 Impressive Gel Kajal

Lately I have been struggling a lot with pretty much everything smudging on me. Whether it’s mascara, eyeliner, eye pencil, it doesn’t matter, it just smudges in no time. Even though P2 claims that this pencil is smudge-proof, and usually their promises are pretty legit, I still wasn’t sure about it. It has to be a pretty bomb product if it would actually be able to not smudge, especially when I apply it on my waterline. But holy craps, it’s actually true. I’m so impressed, I just can’t find the words to describe how impressed I am. For some reason this stuff just doesn’t smudge at all.

The long lasting part is also not completely untrue. It actually depends on what you think long lasting is. For me an hour or two to three is pretty long lasting, especially for an eye pencil. This pencil lasts about two and a half hours on me, and after that it just disappears. It doesn’t transfer to the under eye area, it just disappears. I like that a lot!

P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Eye Pencil Colour

P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Eyeliner Swatch

Something I like even more about this pencil is the amazing texture. It’s just absolutely AMAZING! This is the softest, creamiest and easiest pencil to work with I have ever tried. I’m just blown away by it. Sometimes eye pencils, especially cheap ones, can be pretty hard and therefore quite painful to apply, but this one isn’t like that at all. This glides to easily over any area you want to apply it to and it’s not painful at all. In fact, you can barely feel it happening.

The colour pay off is even more amazing. This is such an intense and pigmented pencil, it’s absolutely insane. I don’t get how this is so cheap, the quality is just out of this world amazing.

P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Liner

Yup, it’s clear, this P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Eye Pencil is really impressive. Because I’m pretty aware of the fact that P2 is an amazing brand I expect quite a lot from their products, but this. This just blew me away. This is the creamiest, softest and most intensely pigmented eye pencils I have ever used. And best of all, it doesn’t smudge. It stays put and I love that. This is literally the best eye pencil EVER. I’m sure I’ll be getting more colours next time I visit a DM Drogerie.

The P2 Impressive Gel Kajal is available at DM Drogerie for €2,35.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which eye pencil is your holy grail!

Naamloos 8

4 thoughts on “P2 Impressive Gel Kajal Eye Pencil

  1. Dat je tevreden bent met de long lasting effect van 2 a 3 uur, dat maakt alles makkelijker. Dat de kleur en pigment super goed en jij zo onder de indruk ervan maakt het product erg goed klinken. Jammer dat het merk niet verkrijgbaar is in Nederland, zo ie zo niet waar ik woon.


  2. Wauw wat ben je enthousiast! Leuk om te lezen! Het product klinkt erg prettig! Pigment is belangrijk, en goed dat het potlood goed gepigmenteerd is! 🙂


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