E.L.F. Mineral Pearls

ELF Mineral Highlighter Pearls Natural Packaging

Today it’s time for my third E.L.F. review. In my previous E.L.F. reviews I talked about the amazing Flawless Finish Foundation, the Ultimate Blending Brush and the Blush Palette in Dark and today it’s time for the E.L.F. Mineral Pearls. I absolutely love highlighter pearls, especially during the Holiday season, so this product was definitely one I was very excited about. If you’re interested in finding out whether or not I’m still so excited about them, keep on reading!

ELF Mineral Highlighter

The E.L.F. Mineral Pearls come in a round jar. The bottom part is made out of clear plastic and the lid is made out of semi-matte black plastic. Overall the packaging is very simple, but I think that’s a good thing. Of course I wouldn’t have minded it if there was a little more going on, but on the other hand, the fact that it is so simple doesn’t bother me either.

Something I do want to mention about the packaging is that the pearls come in a little bag. I really like that because this way they won’t get damaged as easily during the shipping and it’s not too messy. Of course, if you want to, you can take them out of the little bag, which is what I did, but it’s a nice thing they ship it like that.

ELF Highlighter Pearls

The E.L.F. Mineral Pearls come in two different shades. One of which contains all kinds of pastel coloured balls that, together, can be used as an all over face powder that evens out the skin tone and the other shade, which is the one I have, contains more skin tone coloured. A few of them are pink, most bronzy and a few are white. Together they create the most gorgeous but settle glow.

Even though I absolutely love the look of the pearls, I was kind of scared they would end up being a bit too dark for me in order to use them as a highlight. I have to say that yes, when you mix all of the colour together it will end up being pretty dark for such pale people like me, but no, it doesn’t look awful if you use it as a highlight anyway. Honestly, I actually really liked the look of it on my skin.

ELF Shimmer Pearls Swatch

The colour pay off is really amazing. I always expect pearls like this to be really sheer because you can barely touch them without breaking them, but in real life they’re actually pretty amazing. I do have to say that if you apply it with a brush it will be a bit less intense, but in my case that’s a good thing since I am such a pale girl.

Even though on the swatch it might not seem like these pearls do a lot of highlighting, they actually do. I’m not saying it will give you that MAC Soft and Gentle Glow, not at all actually, but it does have that highlighting effect to it. I honestly have no idea how it does that since it’s not that shimmery or light, but it does. It really honestly does. And I like it.

ELF Pearl Highlighter

Overall I think these E.L.F. Mineral Pearls are great. I like the packaging and just the look of the pearls in general and I really like the way they make my skin look. I do think that if you’re pale like me you should be a little more careful when you apply this product, but if you do so you can definitely make it work.

The E.L.F. Mineral Pearls are available at eyeslipsface.nl for €9,-.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you like highlighting pearls as much as I do!


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