4x P2 Single Eyeshadow

4x P2 Single Eyeshadow

A while ago, when I went to Germany, I picked up four single eyeshadows by P2. I really love the brand P2 and I have never tried eyeshadows by them before, so I really felt the need to do so now. I ended up buying one from the Luminous Shine range and three from the Color Up! range. If you’re interested in finding out more about these beauties, keep on reading!

P2 Luminous Shine Single Eyeshadow Sunset Glimmer

Let’s start off with the Luminous Shine eyeshadow. This thing that makes this one a little more special than the other ones is that it has a pretty pattern and that it has a different formula. Compared to the Color Up! shadows, this one is a lot smoother, but more on that later.

Packaging wise the eyeshadows from both ranges are pretty similar. The packaging is made out of clear plastic and is very, very basic. Even though I don’t mind the fact that it’s so basic, I wouldn’t have disliked it if there was a little bit more going on. But considering the fact that all four shadows are super budget proof, I’m not going to complain about it.

P2 Sunset Glimmer Single Eyeshadow

The colour I bought is called Sunset Glimmer. Sunset Glimmer is a very pretty purply shade with quite a bit of shimmer to it. I really like shades like this one, especially during autumn. It really adds that bit of warmth to the look. I also like that this shadow could be used to create both natural as well as colourful eye looks. It’s such a versatile colour.

Quality wise I think it’s great. It’s, as I mentioned before, very smooth and it’s really easy to work with. It blends nicely, it does stay in place and it’s very intense. I wish I got more of the Luminous Shine shadows. I really enjoy using it!

P2 Color Up Single Eyeshadow French Vanilla

P2 French Vanilla Single Eyeshadow

Onto the first shade from the Color Up! range. This one is called French Vanilla. French Vanilla is a very pretty basic highlighting shade. But aside from using it as a highlighter, it could also act as a gorgeous eyelid shade. I think it’s very pretty and I do think it’s an easy colour to work with. Just because it’s so natural and basic, I feel like it would look good with pretty  much every other eyeshadow colour you could ever imagine.

Quality wise this shadow is a tad bit less amazing than the Luminous Shine eyeshadow is, but it’s still pretty impressive. It’s highly pigmented, it blends easily and it stays in place pretty well when you use it in combination with a good primer/cream shadow.

P2 Color Up Single Eyeshadow Just A Wish Away

P2 Just A Wish Away Single Eyeshadow

Next up is the shade Just A Wish Away, which is a gorgeous shimmery taupe colour. I love colours like this. Even though I’m usually all about the warm toned colours, I just really love this one. I think the shimmers in this shadow are absolutely gorgeous and I really love the finish.

Quality wise this one is right in between the Luminous Shine eyeshadow and French Vanilla. That because this one is just a tad bit more pigmented than French Vanilla is, but it isn’t as smooth as the Luminous Shine eyeshadow.

P2 Color Up Single Eyeshadow Be A Backpacker

P2 Be A Backpacker Single Eyeshadow

Onto the last eyeshadow, which is called Be A Backpacker. Be A Backpacker is a very pretty matte dark brown. I think Be A Backpacker would be perfect as a crease colour in your everyday eyeshadow looks. That because it isn’t too dark, but it’s dark enough to create that extra bit of definition you want, and it’s easy to combine with other shades because it’s so basic.

I have to say I was the most sceptical about this shade because affordable brands aren’t too good at creating matte eyeshadows, but there was nothing to worry about. Be A Backpacker is a very pigmented colour and is again very easy to work with. I really enjoy using it!

4x P2 Single Eyeshadow Swatches

I’m sorry that the quality of this picture is so terrible, but I just really suck at taking pictures of swatches. 

I have to say I was very impressed by these swatches. All shadows are very richly pigmented and blend very nicely. They obviously aren’t as amazing as for example Urban Decay eyeshadows, but considering the fact that these are a lot cheaper, I do think they are very close!

Overall I think the P2 single eyeshadows are pretty much amazing. They have a great selection of colours and they’re all very pigmented and easy to use. I highly recommend giving them a try!

The P2 Color Up! Eyeshadows cost €1,65 and the Luminous Shine Eyeshadow costs €2,45.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which budget eyeshadows you enjoy using the most.


4 thoughts on “4x P2 Single Eyeshadow

  1. Wat een mooie budgetproof eyeshadows! Sunset Glimmer ga ik zeker onthouden als ik naar Duitsland ga om de DM leeg te trekken, hihihi.


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