P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel

P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel Packaging

Eyebrow gel is one of those boring products that you just need in your life. Without eyebrow gel my look just isn’t complete.  I have been using the Gosh Eyebrow Gel for ages, but sadly I ran out of it. Because I wanted to try something new this time around I decided to give the P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel a try.  Today it’s time for me to review it. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel

P2 Brow Gel Wand

The P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel comes in a small round tube. The entire packaging is in the same colour as the brow gel itself, dark brown. I really like that about it because you immediately know which colour brow gel you’re dealing with and it it’s just an easy way to recognize the product in your collection.

The brow gel comes with a slightly different wand than I’m used to. Most brow gels I have used before had quite a big wand, comparable to a mascara wand, but this one has a much, much smaller wand. On one hand that’s a good thing, because you can work a lot more precise with it and you do have more control on where you want to put it, but on the other hand I don’t think it’s easier to work with. I personally prefer the somewhat bigger wands.

P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel Claims

The P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel doesn’t make too many promises, but on the back it does say a few things about what it’s supposed to do. It says that this is a fixating eyebrow styling gel that contains tiny fibers for denser brows. The thing that attracts my attention here is the tiny fiber part. That does sound pretty promising.

I have to say that even though I’m not sure if there are actual fibers in there, this brow gel does make my brows look a lot denser. So on that note, I think it isn’t a lie they’re telling here. It really does make the brows look denser, and it does that in a very natural way, which I really like.

P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel Swatch

The brow gel is tinted, as you probably already knew by now. There are two shades available, one of which is called 010 Light and the other one is called 020 Medium. Because I have pretty dark brows I decided to go for dark, but I have to say the first time I saw it I was kind of surprised by how dark it actually is. While using it for the first time I realized that there was actually nothing to worry about for me, but I think that if you have very light, blonde brows, the lightest colour will be way too dark for you.

When it comes to fixating the brows and keeping them in place all day I think this brow gel is incredible. It works extremely well, better than all other brow gels I have ever used in the past. It keeps my brows in place all day and makes sure the product I put in in the morning, stays wherever I put it.

P2 Eyebrow Gel

Overall I think the P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel is a great product. I really like the way it makes my brows look, I like the fact that it’s tinted and it does an amazing job at keeping my brows in place. I think it’s a great budget proof eyebrow gel and I feel like it’s one of the better ones out there!

The P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel is available at DM for €3,45.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which brow gel is your favourite!


6 thoughts on “P2 Eyebrow Styling Gel

  1. Hij klinkt goed! Ik gebruik eigenlijk nooit styling gel voor m’n wenkbrauwen, maar als ik dat wel zou gebruiken zou ik deze zeker een kans geven.


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