Yves Rocher Nail Polish Magnolia

Yves Rocher Magnolia Nail Polish Bottle

A while ago Yves Rocher updated their entire nail polish collection. Instead of the tiny little polishes they now have a big range of different types of nail polishes that come in a decent sized bottle. I have already tried one of those and because I liked it so much I decided to order another one. This time in a very pretty nude colour called Magnolia. Today I’m going to be reviewing it and I’ll show you guys what it looks like on the nails. If you’re interested in reading more about it, keep on reading!

YR Magnolia

YR Magnolia Nail Polish

The new Yves Rocher nail polishes come in there long and slim glass bottles. The bottle itself is clear and the lid is black. I really like the look of it. I like that it’s long and slim because it doesn’t take in much space and I like that they kept it simple. To me this looks really pretty and professional. I think Yves Rocher really did an amazing job creating these new packagings.

The colour I bought is called Magnolia. Magnolia is a very pretty, almost skin tone, nude colour. It’s a bit of a beige with a pink touch to it. Even though I quite like colours like that, I didn’t have anything like it yet, so I’m really glad I do now.

Yves Rocher Magnolia Nail Swatch

On the nails, however, I ended up not liking it as much as I expected. Even though the polish was opaque enough and covered up my nails completely within two coats and the polish has a nice finish, I’m just not blown away. It’s a bit too nude for me. I wish it would have been at least a little more brown or just a little darker in general, because now it just looks like you put a thick layer or clear polish on top of your nails, and that’s not the look I’m going for.

Even though it’s not a polish I would gravitate towards often, I do think this colour is perfect for those days or occasions when you have to look decent and put together. Those occasions where you don’t want to wear a bright and colourful nail, but something settle and clean.

Yves Rocher Magnolia Nail Polish

Even though I’m not obsessed with the colour, I am impressed by the quality of this nail polish. The application was super easy and quickly due to the amazing brush this nail polish comes with and it dried pretty quickly. The polish stayed in place for about 3 days, which to me, is pretty good and I do really love the finish of this nail polish.

So, colour wise, this polish wasn’t really a hit for me, but quality wise I’m pretty positive. I really think Yves Rocher upped their nail polish game in a great way and I’d love to try more colours from this range. For me personally, Magnolia isn’t a colour I would recommend, but if you’re looking for a very settle and nude polish, this might be something for you!

The Yves Rocher Nail Polish in Magnolia is available at their webshop and store for €5,90 (on sale for €3,95).

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which nail polish brand is your favourite!

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