MAC Lipstick Angel

MAC Lipstick Angel Packaging

The past few months I have been obsessed with lipsticks. Even though that might not come as a surprise to some of you since I review a crap ton of lipstick, I still felt like mentioning it. Quite a long time ago I bought a new MAC lipstick in the shade Angel. Angel was/is one of MAC’s most popular lipsticks, and as a lipstick lover I felt like I needed to have it as well. After testing it for a while, it’s finally time for me to review it. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

MAC Liptick Angel Lips

I usually start off  my reviews with discussing the packaging, but since MAC lipsticks are kinda well known world wide, I don’t think I need to anymore. All I want to say is that I like it, I think it’s professional looking, but I do think that there is quite a small amount of product in there. I feel like you run out of a MAC lipstick pretty quick compared to other lipsticks and considering the fact they are pretty expensive, I think that’s a bad thing!

The colour I bought, Angel, is, as I mentioned before, very popular. A few years ago I heard about it everywhere. Angel is a very pretty everyday nude coloured lipstick. It’s pink and it’s quite similar to Creme Cup, but with a different undertone. While Creme Cup is quite a tricky shade that can look kinda tacky, Angel is more wearable for more people.

MAC Angel Lipstick

To me, Angel is the perfect everyday pink. It’s not too pale, it’s not too bright and it doesn’t make me look trashy or like I put concealer on my lips, which is definitely a good thing. Another thing I like about Angel is that it goes with pretty much every single look and that it’s appropriate for every single occasion. Whether you’re going to a new years party or to work, Angel is always an option.

Angel has a Frost finish. In the past I have heard lots of things about the Frost finish, both positive and negative, but mainly negative. The Frost lipsticks by MAC are pretty sheer and have a bit of shimmer to them. Even though I’m not a huge fan of shimmer in my lipsticks, I do like the Frost finish. That because you can’t really tell it’s kind of shimmery and the texture of it feels really nice on the lips.

MAC Lipstick Angel

Quality wise Angel is definitely a great lipstick. Even though Frost lipsticks tend to be a little more sheer than for example the Retromattes or the Amplified Creams, it still has enough pigmentation in order for it to show up on your lips. It does definitely make a difference.

Aside from that I’m really impressed by how long this stays in place. That’s really one of the main reasons why I like MAC lipsticks so much. It doesn’t really matter which finish you choose, all of them stay in place for such a long time. Because Angel is a Frost it doesn’t stay in place as long as for example a cremesheen would, but it definitely lasts about 4 to 5 hours, and for a glossy lipstick, 4 to 5 hours is insanely long!

MAC Lipstick Angel Colour

MAC Lipstick Angel Lip Swatch

As I mentioned before, Angel is a little more on the sheer side, but still has quite great pigmentation. I think this picture really shows that off. Aside from the pigmentation, I’m also really loving the finish of this lipstick. As in how creamy it looks. I like that it has somewhat of a glossy finish to it, but not too much.

Another great thing about this lipstick is that it’s very comfortable to wear. It’s not sticky and it doesn’t feel heavy on the lips at all. It kind of feels like you’re wearing a slightly thicker lipbalm, so even if you don’t like the feeling of lip products, this lipstick might still be for you.

MAC Angel Packaging

Overall I think this MAC lipstick in Angel is amazing. I’m in love with the colour, it’s just so wearable and pretty, and I love the texture of it. I think Angel is the perfect everyday lipstick and I feel like it would look good on so many people. It’s definitely a musthave in your MAC lipstick collection!

The MAC Lipstick in Angel is available at the MAC counters and online for €19,50.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which MAC lipstick is your favourite and which finish you prefer!


14 thoughts on “MAC Lipstick Angel

  1. Yes! MAC lipsticks are my favorite! Ruby Woo was my first one, and it’s hands down my favorite lipstick. Great review! I might swing by the makeup counter and pick this one up next week since I’ve been needing a good pink/nude lipstick. Thanks for sharing!
    – Kelly


  2. Heeeele mooie kleur! Ik vind de matte finish wat mooier dan frost maar heb er geen hekel aan, ze zijn allebei mooi. Duidelijke review 🙂


  3. Wauw, het is echt een plaatje! De kleur van deze lipstick is ook echt prachtig: lekker draagbaar en subtiel maar het is toch een kleur die net wat extra’s aan je gezicht geeft.


  4. Mooi kleurtje, zeer draagbaar en hij maakt je lippen echt prachtig! Deze zou ik zelf ook kopen.


  5. Grappig, nog nooit van deze shade gehoord eigenlijk! :’D Ik snap echt dat je verliefd bent op die kleur, want wauw ❤ echt zo'n everyday kleurtje!


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