Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Radiant Glow Face Powder

Too Faced Highlighter Beads Packaging

Too Faced has been and still is one of my favourite makeup brands ever. Their products are just so special and they all look so pretty. A while ago Mariëlle sold some products she didn’t really use anymore and I decided to buy this from her. I was very excited to try it out and that’s exactly what I did. If you’re interested in finding out how I like it, keep on reading!

Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Box

Too Faced Higlighter Hearts Packaging

The Too Faced Sweetheart Beads come in the prettiest packaging ever. The packaging is made out of a cardboard, is light pink and has gold detailing on it. I really love everything about it. It’s so fancy and cute, it’s definitely an eye catcher in every makeup collection. The only downside to it is that it takes quite a bit of strength to open it up, but aside from that, it’s amazing!

I think most makeup lovers like me know what this product actually is, but I know for a fact that lots of people who aren’t that familiar in the whole makeup world don’t know, so for those of you who don’t know, these pearls act as a highlighter. The way it works is: you pick up some product with a brush and you apply it at the highest points of your face, that’s basically it.

Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Highlighting Pearls

These Too Faced pearls are not like any other highlighting pearls, these are shaped as hearts. The highlighter comes with a few different colours. Most of the hearts are champagne coloured, some a bit more yellow than the other, but they are champagne. There are also a few pink ones in there, some are a bit brighter than the others and lastly there are a few darker brown pearls in here.

At first the dark brown pearls kind of scared me. I was scared that because of these dark brown pearls the highlighter would be too dark. But as usual, there was nothing for me to worry about. This highlighter isn’t too dark at all, in fact, it’s very natural and perfect for every skin colour, but more on the colour later. Let’s move on to the quality part of this review.

Too Faced Highlighter SweetHeart Beads

According to Too Faced these pearls catch the light, has buildable colour and a subtle hint of shimmer that creates an illuminated, romantic and flawless finish. Sounds pretty appealing to me to be honest, but is it actually true?

Overall what they say isn’t a lie. The pearls are indeed illuminating and the colour is definitely buildable. The subtle shimmer part is true as well. But even though it isn’t a lie, it’s not something I’m too happy about. I personally love a good glow, a heavy highlighter. This highlighter however, isn’t that heavy. It definitely gets the job done, it’s not a bad highlighter, but if you love a good glow, this isn’t what you’re looking for.

Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Highlighter Beads

Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Highlighter Pearls Swatch

But I do have to say that even though I prefer a heavy highlighter, I don’t mind having something a little more settle like this one in my collection either. That because I obviously also have days when I don’t feel like a super extreme glow. And even though the shimmer is so settle, I still really like the way it illuminates my skin.

Back to the colour. I think this swatch clearly shows how pretty the colour is. It’s not too dark at all and definitely suitable for every skin colour. As Too Faced said this highlighter really creates that romantic looking finish, and I definitely agree with that. It’s such a pretty and romantic shade. It’s perfect for everyday wear.

Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Highlighter

Overall I think the Too Faced Sweetheart Beads are really, really pretty. I think it’s a gorgeous product and I love having this in my collection. Because it’s quite settle it’s perfect for everyday wear,  but because I love a more heavy glow, it’s not something I gravitate towards on a daily basis. However, I still think it’s a gorgeous highlighter and I definitely don’t regret buying it!

The Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Radiant Glow Face Powder is available at Beautybay for €33,-.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know what you think of these gorgeous pearls!



7 thoughts on “Too Faced Sweetheart Beads Radiant Glow Face Powder

  1. Ik had het nog niet eerder gezien, zulke parels. Too faced is zo een mooi merk, en dit is ook weer prachtig!


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