Terra Naturi Blush Powder

Terranaturi Blush Packaging

Back in October I went shopping in Germany and bought a really pretty blush by the brand Terra Naturi, which is a natural makeup brand sold at Müller. It look pretty cute to me and it was very affordable so therefore worth the try. Even though I really like it I never really ended up reviewing it, but today that’s going to change forever. Today I’m going to be reviewing the Terra Naturi Blush Powder. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, keep on reading!

Terra Naturi Blush Powder Colour

The Terra Naturi blush comes in a really cute small packaging. It’s really tiny and therefore very convenient for travelling and storing because it literally doesn’t take in any space. I also really like the shape and the design of it. I think it represents the brand really well and I always like things like that.

The Terra Naturi Blush Powder comes in four different shades. A brownish shade, an apricot colour, a bright pink and a slightly darker pink. The one I bought is bright pink and is called Charming Rose. It’s a very pretty everyday pink colour that looks good on lots of different people.

Terra Naturi Blush Powder

Charming Rose is bright and not like anything I already owned. It has a tad bit of sparkle to it, but not too much. I like that about it. It’s a really pretty colour to brighten up your complexion and add that extra bit of colour to the cheeks. I think it’s perfect for everyday wear and I think it goes really well with lots of different looks.

Something I noticed when I first started using this blush is that it has a really specific smell to it. It’s not a particularly nice scent, but it’s not bad either.

Terranaturi Blush Powder Colour

Terranaturi Blush Powder Swatch

Pigmentation wise I’m very positive. The blush isn’t too pigmented in a way it’s just difficult to work with, but it’s not too sheer either. However it is a tad bit powdery, but personally that doesn’t really bother me. It’s still a very nice and easy blush to work with, it’s easy to blend and it’s easy to get the amount of colour you want.

The staying power is decent. It’s not incredible, but it’s not worse than other budget proof blushes. It will stay in place for a good couple of hours, depending on what other products you use (like primers, setting sprays, etc.), but don’t expect it to last all day ’cause it won’t.

Terranaturi Blush Powder Packaging

Overall I think the Terra Naturi Blush Powder in Charming Rose is great. It’s a really pretty colour and the quality is definitely not bad, especially when you consider it costs less than 3 Euro’s. I think it’s a great budget proof alternative and I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for something like that.

The Terra Naturi Blush Powder is available at Müller for €2,95.

That was it for today’s review. I hope you liked reading it and let me know which budget blush is your favourite!





3 thoughts on “Terra Naturi Blush Powder

  1. Jammer dat het moeilijk is om mee te werken met deze blush. Dat het niet de hele dag blijft zitten zal ik zelf ook niet verwachten van de prijs. Ik ben persoonlijk dol op dit merk.


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