Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish in Green Berry

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nails

A while ago I was really into the Maybelline nail polishes. Not the Colorshow polishes but the Forever Strong Pro and the Super Stay polishes. Back then I bought one in a very pretty green colour called Green Berry, which I again, just like with a million other products, never ended up reviewing. Because I still think it’s a really pretty polish and because I think it’s worth sharing I decided to review it today. If you’re interested in finding out more about it, keep on reading!

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish

The Maybelline Forever Strong Pro polishes come in really pretty slim but wide bottles.  I really like the look of them. The best thing about the packaging is by far the brush. The Maybelline nail polishes brushes are generally amazing, but this one in particular is just really great. It’s pretty wide and thick and it’s super easy to work with. It makes applying nail polish like 20 times easier and it therefore allows everyone, including people who aren’t good with nail polish, to apply their polish in a neat and good looking way.

There are lots and lots of colours of nail polish available in the Forever Strong Pro range. The one I have is, as I mentioned before, called Green Berry. Green Berry is a very pretty green colour. It’s not too dark, but it’s also not too light. I think it’s a very unique and especially very pretty colour.

Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Brush

The thing I like so much about the Maybelline nail polishes is that they dry very, very quickly. These polishes are perfect for those days when you do want to do your nails, but you don’t have a lot of time. Of course it’s not smart to go ahead and clean out your entire fridge after 10 minutes, but after a good hour you can do whatever you want with your nails without having to worry about messing it up.

The staying power is amazing as well. These polishes last about a week on my nails, which is very unlikely and outstandingly amazing. For some reason they just don’t chip and they don’t crack after a while. I’m very impressed by that.

Maybelline Nail Polish Nail Swatch

Another thing I love about this polish is that it’s super opaque. You only need one coat for it to look decent, but I do prefer applying a second coat because I like the look of that a bit better.

Overall I think the Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish in Green Berry is really pretty and amazing. It’s a very easy nail polish to apply, the colour is gorgeous and I like how opaque it is. I really like the Maybelline nail polishes and I’ll definitely keep buying them!

The Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish is available at the drugstore for €6,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which nail polish brand is your favourite!



7 thoughts on “Maybelline Forever Strong Pro Nail Polish in Green Berry

  1. Zo fijn wanneer een nagellak snel droogt! Anders zit je daar maar te wachten tot je je handen weer kan gebruiken, haha. Super mooi kleurtje ook zeg!


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