My lipstick collection

Naamloos 11

Up and till a few months ago I wasn’t really a lipstick person. I never really wore any lipstick and I didn’t really care about it. It wasn’t until a few months ago I started loving it more and more and I ended up wearing lipstick every single day. Because I love lipstick so much I decided to show you guys my lipstick collection. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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My Nailpolish Collection

I used to not be that into nailpolish, but since about a year I absolutely love it. Therefore I collected lots of nailpolishes which I’m going to be showing you today. If you’re interested in seeing my entire collection, keep on reading!

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My Victoria’s Secret collection

Naamloos 6

Today I have something very exciting for you guys. My Victoria’s Secret collection! I didn’t really expect that I would be able to do one right now because I only had three products before. But when I went shopping with my best friend I found some VS in the Etos and while I was on vacation I found one more. Now I do have quite a little collection that is big enough to show you guys!

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My makeup brushes

Naamloos 5

I think that brushes are one of the most important things when doing makeup. It’s really important to find the right ones for you. Because without them, applying eyeshadow would become very difficult. Today I’ll share with you the makeup brushes that I use the most, so not all of them!

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