Christmas Wishlist 2015!



It’s finally almost Christmas, my favourite time of the year. I love everything about it. I love the decorations, the lights that are out everywhere, the songs.. I just love it. Because Christmas is coming up pretty soon I though it might be fun if I showed you guys my Christmas wishlist. Not only because I want to share the products I would love to find underneath the Christmas tree, but also to inspire you if you’re not sure what to get someone this Christmas. So, if you’re interested in seeing what’s on my wishlist, keep on reading!

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Dresslink Wishlist!

Naamloos 3Today it’s time for something different. No review, no beauty related post. No, today it’s time for fashion. I’m not that into fashion, but I do like going through clothing webshops and looking for pretty items. While doing that I came across the webshop, where I found some amazing items. Therefore I created a wishlist. If you’re interested in seeing which items are on my wishlist, keep on reading!

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London Wishlist

» La ragazza con la testa tra le nuvole « | via TumblrSource.

As I mentioned a million times before, this summer I’ll be heading to London. England is my favorite place on earth and London is one of my favorite places there. About two or three years ago I went there during Christmas time and now I’ll be going there during the summer. I have been saving up for London for about a year now, so I thought it might be fun to make a little wishlist to show you guys some of the things I will be getting while I’m there. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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