Stila Sending My Love Gift Set

Stila Sending My Love Gift Set

Stila is one of my favourite brands in the world. This Christmas they launched a gorgeous limited edition collection. After trying to resist buying it for a while I ended up buying it anyways. After waiting for 2 long weeks it finally arrived and after trying it out for a while it’s time for the review. If you’re interested in finding out more about this gorgeous gift set, keep on reading!

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What I got for Christmas

Today I want to show you guys everything I got for Christmas. This years Christmas was absolutely amazing. I had lots of fun. I think this Christmas is my fave. Besides doing lots of games and spending lots of time with my loved ones, I also received some gifts. I you want to see what I got this year, keep on reading!

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Ikea Christmas collection scented candles

The thing I like most about fall and winter time is that I can burn my scented candles again without turning my room into a sauna. I really love the Ikea candles, and while I was looking for some new ones (which took seriously more than half an hour) I found two delicious smelling candles from their Christmas collection. Even though it’s not a beauty product, I decided to write a review about it. If you’re interested in these candles, keep on reading!

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