Another Huge Beauty Haul (incl. MAC, Kiko, Balea, P2 & More!)

Huge beauty haul

Jup, it happened again, I went shopping (a few times) and I certainly didn’t hold back. But, in my defence, it was my birthday when I went shopping and I got gift cards and there were lots great deals out there I just couldn’t resist. I know that isn’t a real good excuse but that doesn’t matter for now because today it’s time for the haul. I always love reading/watching these, especially the huge ones that include lots of makeup, so I decided to do one myself today. If you’re interested in finding out what I bought, keep on reading!

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Collective Haul (Incl. BH Cosmetics, Zoella, Ebay & More!)

Head Picture

Shopping is what I love most. I love shopping, especially beauty shopping and I do it quite often. Throughout the past two months I have bought and ordered quite a lot of products. At first I didn’t think it would be enough for a full on haul, but when I put everything together I realized it’s way, way more than I expected. Today it’s time to show you guys everything I’ve bought in the past two months. Be sure to click that continue reading button if you’re excited to see everything I bought!

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XXL London Haul

London haul head

After waiting one and a half year, it was finally time to go to London. One and a half year ago I convinced my mother to take me to London after I graduated. Last month I graduated and therefore we went to London. I have been saving up money the past year for this trip so I could buy whatever I wanted and I definitely did. If you’re interested in finding out what I bought, keep on reading!

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Big Beauty Haul (Incl. DM Drogerie, Prijsmepper and more!)

Naamloos 1

Oh yeah, I went shopping again. And this time I didn’t hold back. I first went to Prijsmepper, which is an outlet store from the Dutch drugstores Kruidvat and Trekpleister and the perfume store Ici Paris XL. Besides that my mom and I also decided to go to Germany again to do some shopping. As most of you probably know I love shopping in Germany, so I definitely didn’t hold back there either. If you’re interested in finding out what I got, keep on reading!

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Ebay & Hema Stationary Haul

Naamloos 64

Yup, I went on another Ebay spree. I was bored and I decided to check out what Ebay had in store for me. I ended up coming across a gazillion adorable sticky notes and I decided I just had to order some of them. They all came in extremely quickly, some even before the expected delivery date, so I was very impressed by that. Besides that I also went to Hema a few times and got some bits and bobs from there. Today I’m going to show you guys what I got. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Boozyshop haul

Naamloos 53

A little while ago Boozyshop had a great sale going on. Most of their brushes were on sale for 50% off. Because I was on the hunt for a blush brush and they had one I decided to just order it. I ended up buying more than only that one brush and that is what I am going to be showing you guys today. If you’re interested in seeing what I got, keep on reading!

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