AndrĂ©lon Naturally Pure Shampoo

Naamloos 45

For years I’ve been struggling with really greasy hair. Whatever I tried, my hair would always be greasy. I tried a million shampoos, I tried only washing my hair twice a week for a while, but nothing helped. Only a few years ago when I decided to google it I found out that the reason why my hair was getting this greasy was because of silicones. Ever since that moment I’ve been looking for shampoos without silicones. In the Netherlands that’s not as easy as it seems, but recently I discovered one. If you’re interested in finding out whether this one actually works, keep on reading!

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Rituals Ancient Beauty giftset

A while ago it was my boyfriend and I’s (is that even a word haha) anniversy. Because of that he gave me this amazing Rituals giftset. I’ve tested it really well, so today it’s finally time to share my opinion about this giftset with you. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Yves Rocher Purifying Shampoo

My hair has always been difficult. At some point in my life it was absolutely out of control. It got greasy so quickly. Now, part of that is genetics, but the other part is the products that you use. After trying out a bunch of different shampoo’s I found out what does and what doesn’t work for my hair. At the Yves Rocher webshop I saw this shampoo that completely fit the picture. If you want to know wether it works or not, keep on reading!

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Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo

Naamloos 15

A few weeks ago I got a new shampoo, the Herbal Essences Bee Strong shampoo. It’s one of the newer shampoo’s by Herbal Essences. It’s a very moisturizing shampoo that will give you strong and shiny hair. Because my hair gets greasy quickly, I wasn’t sure whether I was going to like it or not, but I decided to give it a shot. If you want to find out if it works or not, then keep on reading!

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