Worth the hype: The Body Shop bodybutters

When it comes to bodybutters, I think that the ones by The Body Shop are the first ones that you think of. In the past few years I’ve read so many positive reviews about them, and I heard so many people rave about it. So today I will tell you if these bodybutters are worth the hype.

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Worth The Hype: MUA palettes

Naamloos 23

Today I have something new. It’s basically an article about a very hyped product in which I’ll show the product, kind of review it, and then say wether I think this product is worth the hype or not. For today I have the MUA a.k.a. Make-Up Academy palettes. These have been all over the internet for a few years now. But are they really as good as everyone says they are? To find that out, keep on reading!

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