Ziaja Vitamin E Eye Cream

Naamloos 31

When I was younger I used to think eye cream was one of those unnecessary products that wouldn’t make a difference. Nowadays eye cream is an essential part in my skin care routine. Therefore I like trying out new ones, like this Ziaja Vitamin E eye cream which I am going to be reviewing today. If you’re interested, you should keep on reading!

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Ziaja Cocoa Butter Cream

Naamloos 20

As I told you guys a few days ago I received a little surprise package from Ziaja. The second product that was in there which I’m going to be reviewing today is their Cocoa Butter Cream in the Light Formula edition. The Cocoa range from Ziaja is pretty popular, so if you want to find why, keep on reading!

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Ziaja Depilatory Cream

Naamloos 4

A little while ago I won a package filled with Ziaja products. Ziaja is a somewhat new brand (at least it is to me) that sells very simple but good skincare and bodycare products. I’ve always wanted to try some of their products, so I was more than happy to receive the package. The first thing from the package that I’m going to be reviewing is the Depilatory Cream. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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