Essence Effect Eyeshadows

Essence is one of my favorite budget proof brands. One thing I like about the brand is that they have pretty innovative products. They have things that you haven’t seen before. That doesn’t always mean it’s good, sometimes it’s crap, but it’s worth the try. Today I’ll be reviewing the Essence Effect Eyeshadows. If you’re interested in finding out whether they are a yay or a nay, keep on reading!

The eyeshadows come in these cute little tubes. A part of the packaging is clear, through which you can see the color. One little tube contains 7 ml of product. I think that is right about enought, since you’ll probably don’t need much of it. Over all I think the tubes look fine. They don’t look like they were expensive, but also not super cheap. Maybe a bit childish, but it’s okay.

The first color I’m going to be talking about is called 02 Brazil’s Sunset. It’s a very pretty champagny gold color. I really love colors like this for the eyelid. Essence says that this is a “covering eyeshadow cream with different effects. Longlasting”. I think that’s where the “effect” in the name comes from. This color has a bit of a metallic finish to it. I do kind of like that a lot. It’s really pretty.

The other shade is called 06 UK’s Stonehenge. This is a slightly darker shade. It’s a super shimmery light taupe color. I love the shimmer that is in it and that it’s not too dark. Besides that I think that both colors look really good together, so you could definitely use these together.

As I mentioned before, Essence claims that these shadows are longlasting. I personally disagree with that. Even though they do stay on your eyelids during the entire day, I don’t think you can say they are longlasting. Throughout the day these shadows do loose their intensity. It’s not at all like the cream shadows I have used before.

When it comes to the coverage, these shadows are a win. Especially the golden shade is very covering and intense. The other one is a lot more watery. I don’t think that’s Essence fault, I think I just grapped the wrong tube since it looks like it has already been used.

Even though they do look very intense on the swatch, I feel like they loose a lot of intensity when you put them on your lids. You obviously have to blend them in a bit, or at least blend the edges, and they can’t really have that.

Even though they do loose intensity throughout the day, I still like these shadows a lot. I’m just in love with the colors. I think that when you apply a few layers, the intensity problem could be solved.

Over all I think these shadows are a nice addition to my collection. They were very affordable, and definitely worth the try. They will actually be discontinued soon, so if you want to give them a try you have to be quick.

The Essence Effect Eyeshadows are available at drugstores for €1,49.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know if you’ve ever tried a liquid eyeshadow!


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