November Favourites!

November Favourites

Well, well, well, it’s already time for another monthly favourites post. November has passed by so quick. It has been such a fun but also extremely busy month, and therefore I didn’t get to try out as much new products as I would have wanted, but I did discover some new beauties. Today it’s time to share them with you. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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Another Huge Beauty Haul (incl. MAC, Kiko, Balea, P2 & More!)

Huge beauty haul

Jup, it happened again, I went shopping (a few times) and I certainly didn’t hold back. But, in my defence, it was my birthday when I went shopping and I got gift cards and there were lots great deals out there I just couldn’t resist. I know that isn’t a real good excuse but that doesn’t matter for now because today it’s time for the haul. I always love reading/watching these, especially the huge ones that include lots of makeup, so I decided to do one myself today. If you’re interested in finding out what I bought, keep on reading!

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October Favourites!

All of my faves

I feel like it has been quite a while since the last time I did a monthly favourites post! The past months have just been so busy and chaotic that I barely even got time to think about beauty! Luckily I did find the time to do so this month and I can tell you it was absolutely amazing. I have discovered so many amazing product this past month which I’m so excited about! If you want to find out which products I’m talking about, keep on reading!

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Zoella Beauty Multi-Review

Zoella Beauty Products

Back in London I bought three products from the Zoella Beauty collection. I ended up loving them so much that it didn’t take long ’till I bought some more. Today it’s time for me to review all of the products from the Zoella Beauty collection which I haven’t reviewed yet. If you’re interested in finding out if I like all the products as much as the products I had already tried, keep on reading!

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3x Victoria’s Secret Ultra-Moisturizing Hand And Body Cream

3 VS Bodylotions

For as long as I can remember Victoria’s Secret has been one of the most popular brands ever. Not just their clothing, but also their beauty range. Because I love beauty I’m obviously more interested in their beauty products and in the past I’ve tried quite a few of those products already. Last time I went to Victoria’s Secret I bought three more products, three body lotions. Today I’ll be reviewing them. If you’re interested in finding out more about these three body lotions, keep on reading!

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August Favorites!

August Faves

August was a month in which I discovered lots and lots of new products. I went to London and bought lots of stuff, so I had enough to test this month. I fell in love with lots of products, too many to show you guys. So today I’m just going to show you the absolute favorites. The products that made me wow. If you’ve read a review of mine in which I mentioned “this is definitely going to be a favorite” or something like that, it probably still is, but because I had way too many favorites I just had to eliminate some products. If you’re interested in finding out which products did make it, keep on reading!

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XXL London Haul

London haul head

After waiting one and a half year, it was finally time to go to London. One and a half year ago I convinced my mother to take me to London after I graduated. Last month I graduated and therefore we went to London. I have been saving up money the past year for this trip so I could buy whatever I wanted and I definitely did. If you’re interested in finding out what I bought, keep on reading!

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