Every now and then I partner up with a brand or webshop for my blog. If you want to know what that means and how that will influence the article then read on.

Sponsored posts.

If a webshop or brand pays me to write an article from them I will put the € sign on the bottom of the page to let you guys know that I got payed to write it. I will only do sponsored posts if the brand or webshop is trustworthy and if I genuinely like the brand or webshop. I will never say I like something if I don’t.

Items for reviews.

Sometimes I receive an item or some items to review. If that is the case I will always let you guys know by putting the following piece of text on the bottom of the page “This item was sent to me for a review”. If a brand or webshop sent me something to review I will always give my honest opinion about the item. I will never say I like something or recommend something to you if I don’t like it.

5 thoughts on “Disclaimer

  1. hi can I just ask you do companies decide themself to promote you or do you ask them yourself? I’m just wondering becouse it would be lovely to make some money out of my posts to buy more things to review 🙂 Have a nice day xoxox


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