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Naamloos 3Today it’s time for something different. No review, no beauty related post. No, today it’s time for fashion. I’m not that into fashion, but I do like going through clothing webshops and looking for pretty items. While doing that I came across the webshop Dresslink.com, where I found some amazing items. Therefore I created a wishlist. If you’re interested in seeing which items are on my wishlist, keep on reading!

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The first item on my wishlist is this adorable summer-proof dress with a really pretty design on it. It’s very interesting but still elegant. I really like how basic but still unique the colors are! This dress is pretty much perfect for every single day in summer, I love it! The dress is available here for $7,61.

Next up is a more party-proof dress. It has a gorgeous floral design on it and the bottom part is a little wider. I think this dress would be perfect for any summer party, but also for weddings. I really like it! The dress is available here for $8,31.

The next item on my wishlist is this really pretty blue play suit with a really pretty daisy pattern on it. I don’t have any play suits in my wardrobe yet, but I feel like play suits are perfect for summer. Besides that I really love the pattern. It’s simple but cute! The play suit is available here for $7,38.

Then we have this gorgeous basic black bag. I absolutely love it. It’s big, the color is pretty, it’s useful and I really like the pattern on the front. I think bags like this one are perfect for every single occasion you can possibly go to. I’m in love with it! The bag is available here for $3,40.

The last item is not really summer proof, but I still wanted to include it because I’m just in love with it. It’s a really pretty mint sweater with a heart on it. I love comfy sweaters like this one and I love mint green. It’s basically the perfect match for me. The sweater is available here for $7,84.

That was it for today. I hope you liked my wishlist and let me know which items you like!

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