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I think that everyone who has ever read my blog knows that P2 is one of my favorite brands ever. I rave about their products a lot and I love discovering new products from their collection. Two of my first ever P2 products were these two Eye Dream Eye Shadows. I bought them because I heard someone else rave about them and because they were so affordable I decided to give them a go. I have had them in my collection for about one or one and a half year now, and only now I realised I have never actually reviewed them. So that’s what I’ll be doing today. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The first one I have is called Sunny Lunch. Sunny Lunch contains two eyeshadows, one of which is gold and the other one is a coppery bronze color. The shadows are baked, which almost always equals great pigmentation. The color combination really suits me, I love gold and bronze eyeshadows, so that’s already a plush.

The packaging is also really pretty. The lid is domed and the sides are silver. The rest of the packaging is clear, which is nice because you can see the color without opening the packaging.

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The only downside about this particular color is that I feel like the gold is a bit too yellowish. I don’t really like it when gold contains lots of yellow when it comes to eyeshadow, so I would actually only wear this in combination with a rosy toned cream base or a cool toned shadow on top. The warmth in the bronze eyeshadow is however really pretty in my opinion. I think that that color is just perfect. I love the shimmer, the finish and the way it looks in the packaging.

When it comes to blending the shadows I think these are great. They are not too easy to blend unlike some other cheap eyeshadows, but they are nicely blendable. I do like it that they aren’t too easy to blend, because if they are, your whole look will become one blurry mess, while now you can definitely tell that I’m wearing multiple shades.

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The other one I got is called Happy Day Time. The packaging is completely the same as the packaging of the other color, but the text on the front has faded because I used it so often. Happy Day Time contains a very pretty snow white highlight color and a nice earthy brown. While Sunny Lunch was a very warm toned combination, Happy Day Time is more of a cold toned combo. I like both combinations a lot.

Both shades in this combination contain shimmer. The white shade contains a very frosty shimmer and the brown color a gold sheen. The sheen in the brown shade is pretty, but I’m not a huge fan of the frosty shimmer in the white shade. It could look pretty, and it definitely does, but I wouldn’t apply it to my entire eyelid because that would just be too much.

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My favorite way to wear these eyeshadows are to use them all together. I’ll put the gold shade on my eyelid, the bronze shade in the crease and the frosty white shade in my inner corner. When I feel like I want to cool it down a little I’ll use the earthy brown shade instead of the bronzy one. But because all four eyeshadows are really shimmery, I do feel like I need to use a matte highlighter when I use these shadows, if not I feel like I’m one big glittery disco ball.

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Pigmentation wise these four eyeshadows are out of this world amazing. I am really, really impressed. I don’t get how these super affordable eyeshadows can be more pigmented than the pretty expensive MAC eyeshadows. I really don’t get that. The shades however do look slightly powdery on the swatch, but when you use them on the eyes I feel like that’s not a big problem. I haven’t had any problems concerning fall out or anything like that when I used these eyeshadows.

Over all I’m really positive. The P2 Eye Dream Eye Shadows are super pigmented, they blend in a nice way and the colors are pretty. The only downside is that I don’t think you can create a pretty look using only these eyeshadows, since I live by the rule that I always have to use at least one matte shade in my eye looks. But over all, I think these two eyeshadows are definitely two budget beauties and I highly recommend getting them!

The P2 Eye Dream Eye Shadows are available at DM for €2,95.

That was it for today’s review. I really hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know if you’ve ever tried any P2 eyeshadows!

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