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When MUA was launched in the Netherlands about a year ago I was super excited to try some of their products. I was already familiar with their popular eyeshadow palettes, but I ‘d never tried anything else from them before, so I decided to buy one of their blushes, the Mosaic Blush. It looked like a really pretty product to me, so I decided to just give it a go. It has already been a while since I bought it, but I still decided to review it for you guys today, just because I think this product deserves a little more attention. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The MUA Mosaic Blush comes in a pretty basic packaging. The middle is clear and the sides are black. The text is in silver. I like the simplicity of the packaging a lot, because you can see the product through it. Since the product looks really pretty and the patter is nice to look at, I think it’s smart of MUA to make the lid clear for the biggest part.

The blush is available in one shade which is the one I have. The shade is called English Rose. I like the name, but I dislike that there is only one color option available. I do think this is a pretty color, but not everyone has the same taste as I do, but might want to use the blush as well. Therefore I think MUA should launch a few more shades. Maybe a darker pink/plum color or something like that.

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English Rose is a very pretty shimmery blush that contains cool toned as well as slightly more warm toned colors. I do like the diversity of the color in the product and the mosaic shape. The only parts that I think shouldn’t have been in there are the two lilac parts. I do like the color in general, but I don’t like lilac cheeks. And of course, mixed together, the blush won’t turn out  completely lilac, but it’s a very dominant color so you’ll see it.

When it comes to drugstore blushes I prefer shimmery ones. For some reason matte drugstore blushes aren’t really my thing. They tend to be over pigmented and just not good. But budget blushes with shimmer in them can also be kind of tricky, ’cause some brands tend to use kind of trashy looking glitter in their products. Luckily MUA didn’t. I wouldn’t say it’s a special kind of glitter/shimmer in the blush, but it’s at least not trashy, which is more important to me.

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The pigmentation is also fine. It’s not over pigmented like lots of other drugstore blushes, but it’s also not invisible. As I mentioned before the lilac parts of the blush are pretty dominant. While swatching it I didn’t focus on the lilac parts at all, but you can definitely tell it’s there, even though there is so little lilac in there. The shimmer is also pretty dominant, but in a positive way. I think the shimmer makes your cheeks look really healthy and glowy. It’s perfect for achieving the dewy skin look.

Over all I do like the MUA Mosaic Blush, but I’m not blown away. It’s not the prettiest blush I own, but it’s a nice one. I really like the glow it adds to my skin and the way it looks, but I’m just not that big of a fan of the lilac tone in it. I really hope they’ll launch another shade of this blush!

The MUA Mosaic Blush is available at Kruidvat and Superdrug for €3,99/£2,50.

That was it for today. I hope you liked today’s review and let me know if you’ve ever tried a MUA blush!

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7 thoughts on “MUA Mosaic Blush

  1. Oeh wat een mooie blush. Ik vind blushes met een patroontje sowieso altijd al leuk om naar te kijken. Fijn dat het effect dan ook zo mooi is.


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