2x The Body Shop shower gels

Today I have another The Body Shop review for you guys. It’s about their shower gels. These shower gels are from their standard collection which they have all year round. I have one in the scent Satsuma and one in the scent Shea. If you’re interested in finding out whether these are worth your money or not, you should keep on reading!

The first one I’m going to be talking about is the Shea Shower Cream. This is actually still in the old packaging. I do quite like it, even though I have learned to love the new packaging better. The bottle contains 250 ml of product which is a normal amount of product when it comes to shower gels.

The thing about this shower gel is that it’s actually a shower cream. The Shea range is made for people with very dry skin, so therefore they made this shower gel creamy instead of gelly. I love that texture. It’s so soft and it’s so moisturising.

Another thing I love about it is the scent. This shower gel smells so insanely good. I absolutely love it. It’s very nutty and soft. I love using this before I go to bed, it’s a really calming caring scent.

As I mentioned before, this shower gel is very creamy. It feels pretty rich, almost like a thin body lotion. Even though I love the moisture it adds to my skin, I prefer a real shower gel. I like shower gels just a bit better because they are a lot more foamy. This one doesn’t really create any foam, which makes me feel like you need much more to wash your entire body compared to other shower gels.

The other one I own is in the Satsuma scent and is packaged in their latest packaging. At first I didn’t like it, but after a while I started to love it more and more. It’s a lot more clean and professional. I like it a lot!

I actually got this shower gel for free with my order a while ago. I was quite sceptical when it came to the scent, because I expected it to be pretty bad. But like always, it turned out to be a pretty great scent. It’s very fresh. This one is actually very nice for morning showers. This shower gel will really wake you up.

The consistency is very different compared to the Shea shower gel. It’s a lot thinner and it’s gelly. I do like that this one does create some foam. That just gives me that extra clean feeling. Even though it’s foamy, it’s not drying at all. This one is slightly less moisturising compared to the previous one, but it still gives my skin that soft and silky feeling.

Overall I think these shower gels are absolutely amazing. They are moisturising and they smell good. The best thing is that they come in lots and lots of different scents, so there is probably one you like too!

The The Body Shop shower gels are available at their stores and webshop for €7,00.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know which TBS shower gel is your favorite!

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