Lush Karma Soap

The thing Lush does best is creating soaps. They have them in all scents and sizes. A while ago when I received some goodies from Beautyill, I got this Lush soap in the scent Karma. Today it is finally time for the review. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

The Karma soap is a pretty special colored soap. It’s in between red and brown and in has some silver glitters in it. I do like the look of it. It looks like a very warm scented spicy soap to me.

The soap itself is rectangular shaped and has some scratches in it. I don’t know if that’s normal, but I kind of like the look of that. It really gives me that natural hand made feeling, which it actually is.

When it comes to the scent Karma is a really special soap. The scent is very, very strong. I store it in a drawer, but when I open any other drawer from the little cabinet, my entire room starts to smell like this soap. Luckily for me I love the scent. I do think that this is a scent you either hate or love, there is nothing in between.

Even though describing scents is not really what I’m good at, I will try to describe it as good as I possibly can. This soap is very feminine and spicy. It has something sweet in it, but it’s not overwhelming. It’s not a light weight scent at all, it’s a more mature scent.

Something I like about this soap is that the soap itself is pretty soft. The only one I can compare it to is the Rockstar soap by Lush as well. That one is a lot harder compared to this one. This one is a bit more gelly. I do really like that about it. Even though solid soaps like this one are not super easy to use underneath the shower, I feel like this one is not too much of a struggle as well. Because of the soft texture it melts pretty quickly into the skin.

I also feel like this soap is very moisturising. It leaves my skin feeling super soft, silky and clean.

Over all I think the Karma soap by Lush is a great product. It’s moisturising and it smells really, really good. I would recommend buying it in the store rather than online so you can get an idea of what it smells like.

The Lush Karma Soap is available at their stores and webshop for €6,60 (100 g).

I hope you enjoyed reading this review, and let me know which Lush soap is your favorite!

9 thoughts on “Lush Karma Soap

  1. Oh heerlijk, I love Lush! Vorig jaar een heel pakket met zeepjes gekregen en sindsdien nooit meer iets anders gebruikt. Deze ken ik nog niet, maar ben benieuwd! x


    • Dat vind ik persoonlijk ook minder fijn werken, maar als iets zo lekker ruikt maak ik nog wel eens een uitzondering. Je kunt trouwens ook van een blokje zoals deze een vloeibare zeep maken, dan heb je dezelfde geur maar dan vloeibaar!


  2. Ik vind deze zeep ook heerlijk.. inderdaad een heel sterke geur, maar echt een topper onder de zepen van Lush. Leuk dat je hele kamer er naar ruikt als je je lade opendoet, haha! Ik vind de geur zelf ‘exotisch’, dat beschrijft hem ook wel goed denk ik.


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