2x Pillow mists (The Body Shop & Rituals)

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Today I have a review for you guys about two pillow mists. One is by Rituals and the other one the The Body Shop. Pillow mists are sprays that you spray on your pillow, bed and body and they will help you fall asleep.

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The first one is the Yin Organic White Lotus & Yi Yi Ren by Rituals. This pillow mists comes in a slim but long glass bottle. You can’t really see through the glass because it’s covered with a green kind of wrapper, but not a paper one. I think that makes it look super chique and different.

The mist has a very specific smell. I would say it’s a typical Rituals scent, but if you’ve never smelled something by Rituals, you won’t now what I mean. It’s a very soft and not too heavy smell. It smells to me like rest. Of course rest is not a real scent, but if you have this product, you might know what I mean. I like the smell a lot.

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If you’d ask me if it really works, I wouldn’t be sure what to answer. I do like using it, and I do like the smell, but if I feel like I fall a sleep easier than when I don’t use it. I’m not really sure. It probably makes a slight, not too obvious difference. But to me, it’s basically just a nice smelling bed “perfume”.

The Rituals Organic White Lotus &  Yi Yi Ren Calming Bed & Body Mist is available at Rituals stores, V&D and de Bijenkorf for €16,50.

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The next one is the Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist. This one contains Jujube date extract and camomile. The smell of this product is very different from the Rituals one. I don’t particularly like it better. I actually don’t really like the scent a lot. It’s not bad, it’s just very different. The smell is a combination of fresh and spicey.

What I do like better about this mist is that this one really works. When I have a really hard time falling a sleep (which is often btw) I use this product and I’ll be gone very quickly. I also feel like I’ve had a much better sleep than I would have had when I didn’t use this product. So the fact that it doesn’t smell that great is not really relevent anymore, it’s more important that it works. At least it is to me.

The TBS Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist is available at every TBS store and costs €16,00

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If I had to choose between these two pillow mists, I would go for the The Body Shop one. Just because that one really makes a difference and that’s really important to me. If you don’t have a hard time falling a sleep but you just like having your bed smelling nice and calm than I would reccomend going for the Rituals mist. I hope you liked this review, and let me know in the comments which one you would choose!

2 thoughts on “2x Pillow mists (The Body Shop & Rituals)

  1. Ik houd echt van deze spray van rituals. Ook ik weet niet of het écht werkt om sneller in slaap te vallen, ik weet alleen wel dat ik de geur ontzettend lekker vind.


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