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Beautiful things / coffee, milk & cinnamon

I’m so excited that autumn/fall is finally here. I’m so excited about it. I love wearing big cozy sweaters and drinking lots of hot chocolate. Therefore I thought it would be a good idea to do the Autumn TAG! If you’re interested, keep on reading!


Favorite thing about Autumn?

The crisp air and the beautiful leaves. I actually really love those heavy Autumn storms, but only when I’m inside. It gives me such a cozy feeling. Of course we cannot forget about the warm sweaters and fluffy socks!

Favorite drink?

I love the Startbucks spiced biscuit (I don’t know what speculaas is in English, or if there is even a word for that. Google said the translation is spiced biscuit) hot chocolate. I’ve actually recreated it a while ago, and it tastes so good. It’s just a little bit more special than the usual hot chocolate.

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Favorite scent?

By far apple cinnamon. I love that for Autumn!

Best lipstick?

I love those dark berry colors, but I honestly wouldn’t wear that myself. I think it’s a bit too much for me, but I do love it on other. As for myself, I like to go for a pinky or a not to bright red.

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Go-to moisturizer?

The La Roche-Posay duo effaclar, Vichy Normaderm and the Etos moisturizer. I love all three of them.

Go-to colors for the eyes?

Gold and cranberry! My favorite combination for Autumn. I think it looks very good with my eye color.


Favorite band/singer to listen to?

The Script always reminds me of Autumn for some kind of weird reason. I also love 5 Seconds of Summer a lot!

Favorite outfit to wear?

A big comfy warm sweater with some thight pants and my boots. I love my Uggs for the colder days, but I also like my look-a-like Timberlands a lot!

so amazing *_________*!!

Autumn treat?

Baked apples with cinnamon and sugar. It really reminds me of those days in primary school when I would come home from school to eat and my grandmother had made me these delicious baked cinnamon apples. I always loved it so much, I couldn’t get enough of it. I still eat it like crazy every Autumn and winter.

Favorite place to be?

My favorite place is my bed of course. Preferably with my boyfriend, a lot of blankets and a good TV show!

That was the Autumn TAG! I hope you enjoyed reading them and let me know what your favorite thing about Autumn is.

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