Favorite eyeshadows for fall

In the fall time, I like to change up my eyeshadow looks. I like them to be a little bit more dark and I like using greens ans purples. Today I will show you the eyeshadows I have been loving for the fall season. Keep on reading!

The first eyeshadow I’ll be talking about today is by Kiko. This is a shadow of their standard collection and it’s number 124. I want to start off by saying, why doesn’t Kiko give their eyeshadows names? It would be so much better if they did! This shadow is a very pretty taupe color. It kind of reminds me of the woods. Of those pretty but slightly chilly fall afternoons when I went to the woods with my grandfather looking for pine cones and chestnuts. I love this shadow a lot!

The second one is from the same collection, in the color 136. It’s a very pretty purply burgundy shade. It’s looks a little bit different on the picture than it does in real life, but I can tell you, it’s really pretty. In real life it’s a bit darker, a bit more like a deep berry tone. I love it so much. I love purple/ burgundy colors in general, but I like this one the best. I honestly like it better than MAC Cranberry. It’s just the perfect fall eyeshadow!

The Kiko eyeshadows are available in their stores and online for €2,90.

Next up are these two beauties! The first one is a little quat by Essence in the color To Die For! I have loved this palette ever since I saw it in stores. It are the perfect colors for a basic day to day look. I love it! I like this actually for the entire year, but if you combine it with the purply shade from Kiko or with the shadow next to it, the one by Catrice you can make it look so much more fall appropriate!

Next up is Catrice Liquid Metal eyeshadow in Gold Leaf Me. How adorable is that name! I think that this is the most perfect fall color you will ever find in your life. You can do so much with this color. You can make a colorful look, a neutral look if you combine it with a brown. It’s just perfect and I love it!

Both eyeshadows are available at Kruidvat and cost €3,99.

The next two eyeshadows are a little bit less affordable. It are two eyeshadows by MAC. The brown shade is called Twinx and the other one is All That Glitters. As I mentioned before, during the fall season I like my eyeshadow looks to be a bit darker. Therefore Twinx is the perfect fall shade. Another thing I like about it, is that it has red shimmers in it. That makes the shadow so much more interesting and unique. All That Glitters is perfect for all year round, and it’s very diverse. You can combine it with any eyeshadow color you like. That’s why I like this even more during the fall time. It looks so pretty with a purple.

MAC eyeshadows are available at MAC counters (Bijenkorf, MAC pro store, Douglas) and online for €17,50.

During this time of the year, I start using my Naked 1 palette so much more often. I like it more during this time of year because it contains a lot of warm shades. I like that even more in the fall. I like combining it with the Catrice liquid metal. I just love the UD Naked palettes in general, but this one is the best for fall and winter!

Last but not least is my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette. I think this is my favorite palette all year ’round, but I think it’s also really approriate for fall time. I love the diversity you get with this palette. You can make so many different looks with it. It’s perfect!

That were my favorite eyeshadows for the fall time. I hope you enjoyed reading it and let me know in the comments what your favorite fall eyeshadows are!

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