Worth the splurge

Beauty comes in many shapes, forms, sizes and price ranges. I think everyone likes a good budget proof product, but every now and then it’s also nice to have something a little more expensive. A bit of luxery. Today I’m going to show you the products I think are worth the splurge.

The very first product is this perfume by Chloé. When I first sniffed a little bit of it, about 5 years ago, I fell in love with it. I knew that one day I had to get it. It was just the best thing I’ve ever smelled. But because of the crazy price I never did it. Until about a year ago. I saw that it was on sale for €40 or €45 euro’s and without a moment of doubt I bought it. I’ve never regretted it. It was way to expensive for a perfume in my opinion, but I do think it’s worth that.

Next up is my MAC blush in the color Dainty. Back when I bought it I didn’t even work yet, so it was really a lot of money for a blush. Even though it was, and I still think it is I bought it. It is just absolutely gorgeous and it looks good with pretty much everything. It’s the perfect everyday blush.

How could I not include my lovely Naked palettes. Even since they came out I just really wanted to have one. But since I didn’t have a job back then, I couldn’t afford it. A few years later when I went to Paris my mom bought me the Naked one as a birthday gift. Quite soon after that I ordered the Naked 2. I was so happy I finally had them since they were always out of stock.

Then, a little while later the Naked 3 came out. I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to like it, so I wasn’t planning on buying it. But that period didn’t last long and I ordered it anyways and it actually became my favorite one out of the three.

And of course, my Too Faced palettes are included too. Eyeshadow is my favorite beauty product, so spending more money on that is not that hard for me. I think the Too Faced palettes always look super adorable and the quality is just insane. The colors are very wearable and are easy to work with. I absolutely love them.

That was it already! I hope you enjoyed reading this, and be sure to let me know which products you think are worth the splurge!

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