MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighters

MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighters x 2

I have been a huge fan of the MUA eyeshadow palettes for a while know, but I wasn’t too familiar with any other type of product from their collection. After reading lots and lots of good things about their highlighters I really wanted to try them and so I did. Today I’m going to be reviewing them. I’m going to tell you guys whether these are actually as good as everyone makes you think they are and whether or not they are worthy of your money and time. If you’re interested in finding out, keep on reading!

MUA highlighter peach

I’m going to start off with the darker colors. This one is called Opalescent Amber. I feel like that’s a pretty good name for this shade. But before talking about the color, let’s discuss the packagings these two beauties come in. The biggest part of the packaging is made out of white plastic. The other part, a.k.a the lid is made out of clear plastic and has white colored text on it. I really like the look of it. It looks pretty clean and simple. I especially like that the lid is clear so you can see the gorgeous pattern.

There are a total of three different shades of highlighter available. There is a yellowish one, a more pink toned one and this warm amber color.

MUA Highlighter Peach 2

Opalescent Amber is a very unique color when it comes to highlighters. I didn’t have anything like it yet in my collection. It’s a very warm bronzy color with the most gorgeous satin finish. The glitters in it are golden and bronze, which adds even more warmth to the overall look of the powder. It’s just absolutely gorgeous. I do have to say that on the picture it appears a little lighter and less warm than it is in real life, in real life it’s a lot more bronzy.

Honestly, the first time I used this I was scared this highlighter would be a little too much for me. I’m very pale and this powder is pretty bronze, I wasn’t sure whether this was going to end up looking good. But in the end I kind of liked it. If you’re careful with it and if you don’t apply too much it could actually look stunning. I really liked the look of it on my skin.

MUA Highlighter

The other color I bought is a lot more pink. Unlike the other one, this one doesn’t say its name on the back, but according to the MUA site this one is called Pink Shimmer. As the name already suggest this highlighter has a pink tone to it. I’m not that good at deciding whether something has a warm of cool undertone, but to me this color seems pretty neutral. It does have some warmth to it, but it also has a bit of a cool tone to it. Because it’s quite neutral, I think this is the most versatile color available since I’m pretty sure this one will look good on everybody.

In the morning when I’m about to decide which highlighter I’m going to be using that day I gravitate more towards this color than I would towards the warmer one. Just because this one looks a little more natural and because it’s a more basic highlighter color. It’s a safe option. But honestly I don’t like that I do that. Both colors look equally gorgeous and both colors do look pretty on my skin. I really think I should challenge myself more to use non-basic colors too.

MUA Highligther 2

Something you do need to keep in mind before purchasing both highlighters is that they do have quite a lot of shimmer. If you’re not that into shimmer, if you are looking for a more fine highlighter, with a finer shimmer, this is not the highlighter for you. The shimmers in these highlighters aren’t exactly chuncky, but fine is definitely not how I would describe them either.

When it comes to the lasting power I am pretty neutral. They aren’t outstanding. They don’t last like cream highlighters of liquid highlighters would, but they aren’t gone within a second too. They stay on your face for a decent amount of time. It obviously depends on your skin type, how often you touch your face, etc. On me it lasts about a good 3 to 4 hours. Not bad at all!

MUA Highlighters swatch

The pigmentation is pretty impressive. It might not completely look like it, but they are equally pigmented. When I looked at the swatches I wasn’t sure whether it would end up looking nice on the skin. Whether it would just create a white stripe or a natural looking sheen. I can tell you guys it definitely doesn’t create a white stripe at all. I don’t spend hours on blending it in into the skin and it still ends up looking absolutely gorgeous and natural. I absolutely love the way it looks.

To be completely honest with you guys, the Pink Shimmer highlighter has basically been the only highlighter I’ve used in over a week. For me that’s a pretty unlikely thing to do, but I just love it. It’s simple, it’s fool proof and it looks absolutely gorgeous. I sometimes prefer this one over my MAC mineralized skin finish which has never happened to me before.

So in the end I think we can conclude that I love these highlighters. I wasn’t completely sure when I bought them. I worried about whether they were going to end up looking nice or cheap, but MUA proved me I shouldn’t have worried about that. I think these highlighters are a steal. For such a small amount of money you get the most gorgeous highlighter. I absolutely love it and I highly recommend just giving them a try!

The MUA Undress Your Skin Shimmer Highlighter is available at drugstores for £3/€5,99.

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and be sure to let me know whether you’ve tried these beauties yet or not!

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