L’Oreal La Palette Nude

L'Oreal La Palette Eyeshadow Palette

Nude eyeshadow palettes have been trendy for years now. It all started with the Urban Decay Naked palettes and nowadays most brands have their own version of the nude eyeshadow palette. So does L’Oreal. After the first few reviews I read about it I was determined I would never spend my money on it, but after I swatched it myself I did it anyways. If you’re interested in finding out why and finding out whether it’s worth the money or not, keep on reading!

L'Oreal La Palette Packaging

L'Oreal La Palette Back

L’Oreal’s La Palette Nude comes in a very basic slim black box. It’s sleek and clean and in my opinion very professional looking. I personally really like it. The palette comes in two different versions: beige and rose. Normally I would have gone for the rose version because I generally prefer rosy tones over beige tones, but this time I chose the beige version, just because the colors in there looked better to me than the colors in the rose version.

The palette comes with 10 different shades of eyeshadow. There’s a good balance between mattes and shimmery colors and all of the colors in the palette are pretty wearable. I really like the color selection in this palette, it’s not as basic as usual. With that I mean you don’t just get a gold, a matte highlighter and few shades of brown, it also comes with some more unique colors like a greenish/yellowish/goldish color. It’s very unique and pretty!

L'Oreal La Palette

Another thing I love about this palette is that it comes with a brush that has actual hairs on one end. One end still has the sponge applicator, but the other end doesn’t. The hairs are pretty soft and I personally think it’s quite a nice brush. I think you can definitely work with it. Besides a brush it also comes with a big ass mirror inside. That to me is always a plus. It makes it so much more convenient for traveling or even for doing your makeup at home when you prefer using smaller mirrors like this one instead of a huge mirror.

Okay, now to the good part, the shadows! The shadows look really nice in the pans. They are very smooth on top and it looks very clean, kind of luxurious even. When you touch the shadows you definitely feel that smoothness. They aren’t crumbly, powdery or dusty at all.

L'Oreal La Palette Colors

L'Oreal La Palette Nude Swatches

Pigmentation wise I really had mixed feelings at first. The darker shades look pretty good, but the lighter shades were almost invisible. Luckily there was no need for me to worry. The reason why some shadows look that bad on the swatch is basically just because I’m really pale so the colors are pretty close to my skin tone. The only actual poorly pigmented color in this palette is the third color, the medium brown. That one barely shows up.

On the eyes the shadows show up even more intense than on the swatches, especially when you use a cream base underneath. They are very easy to work with and don’t cause any fall out. When it comes to blending the shades I’m impressed as well. The shadows blend very smoothly but don’t fade. I think that’s an important quality to look for in an eyeshadow (palette).

L'Oreal La Palette Nude

Over all the L’Oreal La Palette Nude didn’t let me down at all. I really think this is one of those palettes you just have to go and swatch (or try out) yourself in order to see how pretty it actually is. The shadows might not look that pigmented on the swatches but they do show up pigmented enough on the lids. It’s definitely a palette I gravitate towards when I want to create a settle, natural but still defined and fun look. I really like it!

The L’Oreal La Palette Nude is available at the drugstore for €19,99.

That was it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know if you have tried the L’Oreal La Palette Nude already!

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6 thoughts on “L’Oreal La Palette Nude

  1. Ik heb deze ook getest en vond hem super! Mooie kleuren en goede pigmentatie, op een enkele na. Dat kwastje wat erbij zit vond ik ook super ja!


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