Yaziné Active Essence Tinted Lipbalm

BPS Lipbalm Packagings

Moisturising your lips is or should be an essential part of your beauty routine. Especially now it’s getting colder outside, it’s something you shouldn’t forget about. My favourite type of lipbalm is tinted lipbalm. I love that it gives you that touch of colour as well as moisture. The past couple of weeks I have been trying out this very pretty tinted lipbalm by Yaziné. If you’re interested in finding out how I liked it, keep on reading!

BPS Lipbalm Packaging

The packaging in which the lipbalm comes in absolutely adorable. It’s off-white with orangy leaves all over it. It’s very settle and cute and I like it a lot. The tube itself feels pretty lightweight and not specifically sturdy, but also not very plasticy, breakable and cheap either. It’s just a nice lightweight packaging, that’s it.

The lipbalm comes in 5 different colours, including a nude colour, a bright pink, a bright red and two in between colours. Because I like to keep things natural on a daily basis I decided to go for the nude pink colour, which is colour number 2. This is, in my opinion, the most wearable colour out of the five and I think this will look good on the most people.

BPS Lipbalm Color

As I mentioned before, the colour I chose is very neutral and pink toned. It might seem like quite a brighty from the picture, but you have to consider that it is a tinted lipbalm and not a full on pigmented lipstick, so it’s pretty sheer. But honestly, that’s what I like about it. This lipbalm will give me that really pretty healthy looking lip colour which is something I look for in a tinted lipbalm.

But, aside from the colour, there is another important thing we need to discus here, the lipbalm part of this lipbalm. What I want and expect from a lipbalm is that it moisturises my lips, but not just at that moment, but also in the long run. I expect my lips to be softer even after the lipbalm has faded away for a while, and that’s not something all lipbalms do.

Luckily this lipbalm is like that. It makes my lips feel super soft and smooth when it’s on, it makes them feel really well moisturised and taken care of when it has just faded away, and after an hour or two-three after the fading, my lips are still very moisturised and soft, and there is no need to apply more lipbalm immediately after it had faded away.

BPS Lipbalm Shade

BPS Lipbalm Lip Swatch

The texture of the lipbalm is absolutely amazing. This is one of the creamiest products I have tried so far. It literally glides over your lips and makes them feel so soft and smooth, almost like silk. I really enjoy that feeling and I think that is what makes this lipbalm so comfortable to wear.

Pigmentation wise I’m positive as well. As I mentioned before, I don’t expect a tinted lipbalm to be super opaque, when I use a tinted lipbalm I’m actually going for that touch of colour. I think that this lipbalm does a great job at giving me that. It’s not super obvious, but it does give my lips that extra touch of colour and it also adds that extra little bit of shine. I like it.

BPS Lipbalm

Over all I have to say I’m really impressed by this lipbalm. I really like the way it looks and I love the way it feels on the lips. The colour is also really pretty and I like the amount of pigmentation it has. I actually really want to order all of the other colours from this range, I’m really liking it!

You can buy the Yaziné Active Essence Lipbalm here for $2,82 (PS. Use the code NMEH10 to get 10% off the entire site).

That was it for today. I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review and let me know which lipbalm is your current favourite!

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5 thoughts on “Yaziné Active Essence Tinted Lipbalm

  1. Ziet er goed uit, en wat een leuke prijs! Ik vind hem heel mooi op je lippen. Fijn ook dat hij zo lang moisturizing is, precies wat ik ook altijd zoek! Fijne review weer zoals altijd meis! ❤


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