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Online shopping is one of my favorite things nowadays. I love looking around and finding some amazing deals. The nice thing about online shopping is that it can be much cheaper than it is in stores. Today I’ll share my favorite webshops with you!

1. Lookfantastic



One of my all time favorite webshops is I like it because they sell beauty brands that are not available (anymore) in the Netherlands like Too Faced, Urban Decay, etc. They also have free worldwide shipping. I like that it’s not only one country they ship to for free, but the entire world. The delivery (to the Netherlands) takes between 3 – 5 business days.

2. Asos (Beauty)


Another one of my favorites is, at least the beauty part. I have never bought clothes or anything there, just a few make up products. I like how products are quite a bit cheaper at Asos than they are in drugstores. For example Rimmel and Bourjois. They also sell other nice brands like Pixi, Too Faced, and Benefit. They don’t have the entire collections, but they do have some products that are mostly a bit cheaper than usual.

3. Echemist



This is an English webshop with lots of beauty brands. They sell more affordable brands, but also some high end brands. I really love this webshop, and I ordered something there once. They have much better deals on brands like Garnier, etc. than the drugstores around here. The only downside to this webshop is the fact that it was only possible to pay with a credit card.

4. Ebay


Ebay has been one of my favorite sites for years. I love how you can get quite good stuff for only a very small price. A lot of sellers ship for free and it is always packed safely in bubble wrap. I have ordered tons of things from Ebay and never had any trouble with it. If it doesn’t arrive you can either get your money back or they will send it again. I love that a lot about it.

That were my four favorite webshops. Let me know in the comments what yours are!


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  1. Hello :-). I nominated you for the Liebster award! I love your blog. Please check out the post on my blog for more details if interested xx


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