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I think that brushes are one of the most important things when doing makeup. It’s really important to find the right ones for you. Because without them, applying eyeshadow would become very difficult. Today I’ll share with you the makeup brushes that I use the most, so not all of them!

Face makeup brushes.



Lets start off with my face brushes. I want to start off with the top one. It’s a blush brush from my Zoeva very crock brush set. It’s called the blush brush, but I use it for my powder. I like this one better than the powder brush (which is basically the same, just a bit bigger) because with this one I can also power smaller areas like my under eye circles.

The brush I use for my highlighter is the second one, it’s by Gosh. I got this one for my birthday a couple years ago, along with some other Gosh brushes, but this is one of my favorites. It’s really soft and I really like the shape. It’s perfect for applying highlighter on your cheekbones.

The third brush is my all time favorite. It’s the Sigma F80 buffer brush. I love using this one for my foundation. It’s extremely soft and I love the way my foundation looks when I have applied it with this brush. It’s absolutely amazing!

The last one is the Face Shape brush by Zoeva. This brush is perfect for shaping your face. It’s quite small and dense, so if you have a very pigmented bronzer and you don’t want to apply too much, you should be a little bit more carefull with this one. But I really love it. It’s soft and works perfectly. I also like it for applying or buffing in your concealer.


Next up are these three brushes which I got from Ebay. I’ve shown these before in my “Ebay stuff I actually use” post. These brushes are so amazing. I like using the gold one to blend in my bronzer when I think it looks a bit too heavy. The second one is perfect for applying foundation. I use this brush about every other day and the Sigma brush the other days so they won’t get extremely dirty after a week. It’s easier to clean them like this. The somewhat lighter pink brush is perfect for blush. I like this one because when you use pigmented blushes it won’t apply them too heavily, just perfect.

All of these brushes were about €1,- to €2,- and the quality is really amazing!

Eye makeup brushes.


Then now onto the eye makeup brushes. These are all from my Zoeva very crock set. There are more brushes included, but these are the ones I really use. They are absolutely amazing and one of my favorite brushes for applying eye makeup. The bottom one is perfect for filling in my eyebrows with an eyebrow powder. I love that it gives them a really natural effect.


These are also by Zoeva but I bought these seperately, so not in a set. The top one is the Smokey Shader. It’s a nice brush to apply eyeshadow with. It’s a bit stiff, but still quite soft. This brush would be perfect to apply eyeshadow on your eyelid or in your innercorners.

The next brush is the Petite Crease. I use this brush every single time I put on eyeshadow. I love using this to put a nice and dark color into my crease. It’s soft, so it won’t be a harsh line, but it is precise.

Then there is the Soft Definer brush. This is my favorite brush of all. It’s so nice and soft and it could be used for some many different things. I wish I had three of this one. I use it to apply a nice blending color in my crease, but it’s also perfect for blending, applying a lid color, and so on. It could be used for almost everything!

The next brush is the Eye Finish. It’s like a super small stippling brush for your eyes. I really like this one if I have to blend something really well. When you accidentally applied a little bit too much, this brush is your savior!

Last up is the petite eye blender. It’s a really small dense brush which you can use to blend you eyeshadows with. I don’t really like it for that. I mostly use this brush to apply an even darker shade in my outter V and a line underneath my lower lashes.



These are brushes from random brand, or brand I only have one brush of. The first one is this small but extremely soft brush by Gosh. I love using this for applying highlighter underneath my eyebrows. It’s so nice and soft. The only downside is that the handle is really small so it’s always hidden underneath my bigger brushes.

Then I have this brush from the Naked 3 palette. It’s double sided, but I only use the blending brush part. I really like the brush. The quality is great and it’s always nice to have an extra blending brush. I use this one if I want to apply a colored shadow like purple or green. I think Urban Decay is one of the only brands that delivers great brushes with their palettes.

Then I have this crease brush by Sephora. This was my first good quality brush, and my first ever Sephora purchase. I bought this when Sephora still had stores in the Netherlands and I was so excited about it.  It’s a great brush to just blend your eyeshadows with.

Then this brush. It’s a small brush with a yellow handle. I bought this because if I spend 1 euro more at Tmart I got 10 points, otherwise nothing. It was just really cheap and I didn’t expect anything of it. But it turned out to be one of my favorite brushes ever. It’s intensly soft and the quality is better than some of my more expensive brushes. I love this brush a lot!

The last brush is the pink one by Hema. I got this years ago, when I only had 5 horrible quality makeup brushes by Claire’s. I really needed an eyeshadow brush that applied my eyeshadows pretty. I thought it looked cute because it was pink and decided to get it. This brush also turned out to be one of the most amazing brushes I’ve ever bought. It’s really soft and I love applying my eyelid shade with it. It’s such a perfect brush!

That were all my favorite brushes. Let me know in the comment which brushes are your absolute favorite!


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