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Since I really enjoy doing tag’s, I decided to do one today. It’s the beauty blogger tag. I saw this one on Teddy’s blog, which by the way is amazing. You should really take a look. The questions are all about beauty and blogging, so if your interested, keep on reading!

Is your hair naturally curled or straight?

A little bit in between I guess. It can be quite straight, but I will always have some kind of a wave in it. I’m quite happy with it, because I’m a lazy person especially when it comes to hair. And when I’m really lazy I’ll just brush through it and it will look presentable enough for me.


Do you dye your hair, if yes, do you dye it yourself or do you go to a hairdresser?

I have dyed my hair a couple of times. Not in super different colors, just a few shades darker than my natural hair. But it’s not something I would do every few weeks, I don’t think that’s really necessary. When I dye my hair I do it at home. The first few times my sister did it for me, and the last two times my mom did it. It looks in my opinion equally as good as when you get it done, and it’s a lot cheaper.

Do you always wear make-up?

Nope, not always. I do wear it almost everyday, but when I won’t leave the house and there is no special occasion going on in my house, I won’t wear make-up. It think that would be a waste of my make-up haha.

•makeup is a girls best friend•

How much time do you spend on your make-up?

About 20 to 30 minutes. I know this is very long for some of you, but I like taking the time for it. I will stand up super early when I have to go to school just so I can take the time to do my make-up. I think it’s fun to do and starting the day with doing something fun is always better.

Since when did you start doing make-up?

That would be around group 8 (the last class of elementary school) and the first year of high school. In group 8 I always got these old mascara’s from my sister that she didn’t use anymore. I would put them on only at special occasions like the school musical etc. When I went to high school I thought everyone wore make-up there and that I had to do it too so I started experimenting with it. This didn’t always turn out great haha!

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What do you do first, your face or your eyes?

My face. I always start with the base, my foundation. I do apply bronzer, blush and highlighter after eyeshadow, but primer, foundation, concealer and powder before. I like that better because I always like to apply some shadow underneath my eye and if I would put on concealer after that it would be gone.

Do you paint your toenails in the winter?

No, no, no. I’m way too lazy for that. I really dislike applying nail polish, especially at my toenails. I will only do that a few times during the summer when I expect that my toes wil be showing.



What is your favorite perfume?

I really like the Lady Gaga Fame perfume and the Chloé perfume. I have way more favorites but those are the too I like the absolute most. They smell so feminine.

How did you come up with the name of your blog?

I was thinking about lots of different names but they were all used already. Then I decided it would be fun to incorporate my name into my blog name. Then I came up with Nicolish. A combination of Nicole and nailpolish. I thought that was a pretty cool name and it wasn’t used already.

Do you read the comments on your blog?

Of course, every single one of them. I have to accept them before they show up on my blog. I do that because then I’m sure that I’ve read every comment.

That was the tag. I hope you guys liked reading it, and if you liked it, be sure to answer the questions yourself on your blog or in the comments!

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