What to do on a date

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Going on a date can be very fun, but also stressful. It can be a real struggle to come up with something to do. Therefore I have come up with several things that you can do on a date. Wether it’s your first date with someone, or you’re already together for a while.

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A picnic.

Something very fun to do is picnicing. It can be super romantic and it’s a lot of fun. It’s also very easy and doesn’t have to cost anything. Just take a cute picnic blanket or any other blanket you have laying around at home, and make a few snacks. I like this because it’s really just you and him. You have time to really get to know each other and spend time together.

Watching movies.

Something very basic is watching movies. I wouldn’t recommend this for a first date, because you’ll sit there in the dark with someone and you have to be silent. You can’t get to know the other person, and you get talk. But this is a good idea for when you’re together a little longer. Then you don’t have to get to know each other anymore and you can just enjoy a movie you both like.

Watching TV shows.

Something quite similar but still different to the previous one is watching TV shows. My boyfriend and I love doing this. It’s the main thing we do when were together. Just pick a show on Netflix (or if you don’t have Netflix go to www.tubeplus.me) that you both like and watch it. This show might become a favorite of the both of you. It’s always nice to have something like that in common because you can always have fun together. My recommendations are: Modern Family, How I Met Your Mother and Community. I wouldn’t recommend watching girly shows like Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liar ’cause he’s probably not going to like that.

dıptıss dıptıss


Going to the pool together can be so much fun too. My boyfriend and I really enjoy that too. It’s just a lot of fun. And this is a good first date tip. You have fun together and you can get to know each other. When you go swimming you don’t have to be scared to run out of things to talk, because when you do, you can just go down the slide together and have fun and talk about that.

Ice skating.

In the wintertime it could be very romantic to go ice skating. I really love ice skating. And the good thing about it is: you have an excuse to hold his hand. Just say that you can’t or don’t dare to skate by yourself. And if he’s a good person he will offer you to hold his hand. Score!

Ice skate kiss♥


Another fun thing to do is going for a walk together. Just walk around your neighbourhood and get to know each other. You have a lot of time to talk together and you can walk to like a romantic place in the park or something. Super romantic!

Board games.

My last suggestion is playing board games together. If you dislike board games or don’t have any, you can of course also play games on any game console you own or on your laptop, but I personally think board games are a bit more fun. Playing games together is always fun, and you get to spend time together.

That were a few suggestions of what to do on a date. Of course these were just a few of all the millions of things you can do together. Let me know in the comment what you like or would like to do on a date!

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