P2 Sand Style nailpolish & Glow topcoat

Today I have another P2 review for you guys. It’s about the P2 Sand Style nailpolish, which is basically just a liquid sand nailpolish and the P2 glow topcoat. I’ve never tried a liquid sand nailpolish before, so I was very curious what it would look and feel like. But I was most curious about how hard it would be to get it off. If you want to know what it was like, keep on reading!

This is it. The P2 Sand Style polish in the prettiest color I could find. There are lots of other colors which are pretty as well, but this one really stole my heart. This one is called 020 lovesome. It’s a super glittery red color. Most of the shimmers in there are gold, but some of them are a bit red/purple. It’s a very interesting color I would say.

The only down side to this nailpolish is the brush. Most nailpolish I own have pretty wide brushes, so you only have to go over your nail once or twice. This one has a pretty slim brush, which makes applying it less easy as with the wide brushes. It takes a little longer too. It’s not that important, but I just wanted to let you guys know.

This is what it looks like on my nails. I applied two coats of the polish and one coat of the topcoat. It’s a really interesting effect. I’m not really sure wether I really like it or not. I think the color is absolutely gorgoues, but the way it feels is just not really my thing. It feels like sandpaper. I’ve actually hurt myself with it. I think that the fact I hurt myself with this nailpolish is just something stupid only someone as clumsy as me can do, but I scratched myself with it and it was quite painful haha.

When it comes to removing this nailpolish, I can tell you, that will take a while. It’s just like glitter polishes. They are just horrible to take off. It’s not as bad as for example the Maybelline Brocades, but it will take some time untill everything is gone.

The nailpolish didn’t chip for 3 days. After that the end started to chip. Well, not really chip, it was more like it was wearing off. I think that three days without chipping is quite great. This is not a nailpolish like the Sally Hansen ones that claims to stay for ages, so three days is fine.

The top coat is just fine. It’s just a basic top coat. I have used it a few times now, and I do really like it. It gives my nailpolish a nice glow and it makes it look just a little better. It does make sure my nailpolish will look perfect for about a day longer, which is great. Especially for what you pay for it, this top coat is a really good product.

Over all I’m very positive about these polishes. If you’re looking for polishes that will stay on your nails for weeks, you might be better off buying the Sally Hansen ones or the Maybelline 7 Days polishes. I do love the color, but the effect is not really my thing.

The Sand Style nailpolish costs €1,95 and the Glow Topcoat 2,45. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and let me know wether or not you like the liquid sand effect!

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