Top 3: Favorite Shower Gels

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Shower gel is a product I use every single day. I’m not the type of person that uses the same one every single day until it’s empty. No, I alter a lot between the ones I own. Today I’m going to be showing you guys the three shower gels I gravitate towards the most. If you’re interested in finding out which three shower gels I really, really love, keep on reading!

3. Treacle Moon Warm Cinnamon Nights.

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I think it’s already two years since I bought this baby. I guess it was December at the time. The Treacle Moon shower gels were new here in the Netherlands and I obviously had to buy one. I chose the Warm Cinnamon Nights one mainly because of the adorable packaging and because it says it’s a limited edition, but also because it just smells really, really good. The reason I say “it says it’s a limited edition” instead of “it’s a limited edition” is because it’s still available. So if you want it you can still go ahead and buy it.

The thing I love most about this shower gel is the warmth of the scent. I really love warm scents, especially in shower gels because I shower at night time, and warm scents make me feel really cosy and ready for bed.

2. Lush The Olive Branch.

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It was a hard choice whether this one would be my number one or two, but it’s just a teeny tiny bit less amazing than my number one. Still, it’s a very amazing shower gel. I got it from my sister because she didn’t like the scent. I’m thankful for that because I think it’s amazing. The scent is different, different from every single scent I’ve ever smelled in my entire life, but that makes it really special.

Again I feel like it’s a nice warm scent, but it does have something fresh in it. I also love that the scent is pretty strong. You’ll still be able to smell it after you rinse it off, which is pretty special to me.

1. Balea White Passion.

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And my number one is obviously Balea. I think that the people who know me really well (a.k.a. my mom) isn’t surprised by this shower gel being my number one favorite because I’m just obsessed with Balea and particularly with this shower gel. It’s the first Balea shower gel I’ve ever tried and I still really love it. It’s a nice and cosy scent. It’s a scent I feel like using every single day, which is something very exceptional for me. I even bought the body lotion with the same scent because it’s that amazing. If you ever find yourself in a DM Drogerie, don’t hesitate to buy it. It’s only €0,65 and it’s perfection!

That was it for today’s article, I hope you enjoyed reading it and be sure to let me know which shower gels are your favorite!


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