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Nivea is and has always been one of my fave brands when it comes to skin care. Their products are fairly simple, but effective. Today I decided to review two of their products that I’ve been using for quite a long time. This way I can tell you how they work on short and long term. If you’re interested to find out, keep on reading!

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The first product is the Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Cleansing Mousse. It comes in a quite big blueish bottle with a pump. The name says it’s a mousse, but when it’s still in the bottle it’s fluid. When you pump it will turn into a mousse and you can cleanse your skin with it. I really like cleansing mousses like this one because they are very easy to use and you don’t need a lot of it to cleanse your entire face. I used to use the Tea Tree Cleansing Mousse, but when I decided to use this one instead one day, I fell in love.

The most important reason why I like this cleansing mousse so much is because it’s a very soft mousse. The other one I used to use beforehand felt just normal, not soft, not harsh. But this one is extremely soft and silky. You can definitely feel the difference. The reason why it’s so soft is because there is Vitamin E and Hydra IQ in this product. This way the product won’t make your skin feel dry and tight, but soft and moisturised.

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On the back of the bottle Nivea tells us something about this cleansing mousse. It says that there’s Vitamin E & Hydra IQ in there, that it will cleanse and hydrate the skin and that the “cleansing sensation” is unique because of the soft mousse and the nice scent. I totally agree with what Nivea said there. I don’t think anything they said is a lie.

When it comes to removing your makeup I feel like this mousse does a great job. After using this my skin will feel really clean and fresh, which I don’t normally have after cleansing with just one product. It’s one of the best removers I’ve ever used. Besides removing makeup, it works really nice for removing excess oil on your skin. So even on days when I don’t wear makeup, I love using it!

Over all I’m pretty positive. I’ve had this cleanser for quite a while and I’m really glad I started using it again. It’s slightly more expensive than the one I used before, but quality wise it’s a lot better. I highly recommend trying this product if you have normal to oily skin and want a product that refreshes your skin and removes your makeup!

The Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Cleansing Mousse is available at the drugstore for €6,85.

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Next up is the Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Tonic. Tonic is one of my favorite skin care products. It’s really great for removing the excess oils on my skin. Even though I have really oily skin and I never really struggle with products drying out my skin, tonic tends to be a bit too harsh. I did really want to try one, so I decided to go for Nivea, because Nivea hardly ever fails on me. The Aqua Effect Refreshing Tonic is made for normal to combination skin and is supposed to purify your skin deeply and hydrate your skin. The hydrate part is the part I really like, because that’s the part most tonic’s miss.

Just like the mousse, this product also contains Vitamin E and Hydra IQ. I really like how even though these products are made for normal to combination skin Nivea still focused on hydration. Even though you have oily skin, you still need hydration. I know that sometimes it might not feel like you need it, but you do.

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I use this product on an almost daily basis right after I get out of the shower. It’s the final step of the cleansing part of my skin care routine. I use this to remove the last bits of makeup that are left on my skin and to make my skin feel even more refreshed and clean. I think that this tonic does all those things perfectly. After using this my skin feels as clean as if I’ve never worn any makeup before and it feels really fresh at the same time. It also doesn’t feel tight or anything like that.

To make sure you don’t get the wrong idea, this product is not as moisturising as a moisturiser whatsoever. It won’t make my skin feel or look oily. It just balances the amount of moisture in my skin in a really nice way. If you have dry or sensitive skin, this is not what you should be using!

Over all I think the Aqua Effect Refreshing Tonic is a really amazing product. It does what I want a tonic to do and more. It’s the only one I’ve ever tried that doesn’t make my skin feel tight nor oily. I also love how fresh and clean my skin feels after using it. I highly recommend this for especially combination to oily skinned girls!

The Nivea Aqua Effect Refreshing Tonic is available at the drugstore for €4,15.

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All together I think the Nivea Aqua Effect products are amazing. They work really well and they make my skin feel super fresh and clean. They have never caused me any imperfections whatsoever. The cleansing mousse is really special and soft, but it still does a great job at cleansing the skin. The tonic is also really nice and especially perfect for those who have combination to oily skin.

That was it for today’s review. I really hope you liked reading it, and let me know which products you use to cleanse your skin!

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