Sleek Life’s A Peach Blush

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A few days ago I shared my favorite blushes for the summer time with you guys. In that article I mentioned the Sleek blush in Life’s A Peach. It was then when I realised I have never even written a review about it, so I decided that that is what I’ll be doing today, because I think it deserves the attention. If you’re interested in finding out more about this gorgeous blush, keep on reading!

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Let’s start this review off by taking a closer look at the packaging. This blush is, like all other Sleek products, packaged in a matte black packaging with shiny letters on it saying Sleek. I really like the classic Sleek packaging, it’s simple but professional looking. On the inside is a big mirror, which is as big as the blush itself. All Sleek products I own have this, so I guess it’s something they always do. I really, really like that. The mirror is a big plus for me because you can always look at what you’re doing while applying the product wherever you are.

The only thing I dislike about the packaging is that it’s so hard to open it. I really need to put my nails underneath the part where it opens in order to have a chance to open it. That might sound like no big deal, but it had ruined my nails in the past, which is why I now like using my tweezers for opening it.

When it comes to the color, Sleek’s Life’s A Peach is a very special blush. It’s a very, very bright peachy orange color. It’s quite shocking when you look at it at first, but that’s the case with lots of Sleek blushes I figure, since most of them are pretty bright.

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The thing with this blush is that in the packaging it looks very extreme, but when applied it looks like a really pretty natural flush. I really like that about it. While some blushes give you more of a sultry look, this one gives you a more cute look. On my skin this blush will turn into a really pretty peachy color with a pink flush through it, which makes you look a bit cuter.

The only thing you need to keep in mind while working with this blush is that you really shouldn’t wipe your brush through the product a million times and then apply it. If you do that you’ll end up looking like you’re auditioning for orange, which is probably not what you want. Just apply it with a light hand, or even with a stippling brush if you prefer that, and you’ll end up looking just fine.

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The pigmentation is as usual extremely good, which is always the case when it comes to Sleek products. As you can tell from the swatch, it doesn’t look as orange on the skin as it does on my finger. While in the packaging it looks like a bright orange, it will turn into a really pretty peachy color when applied. When it comes to the staying power I wouldn’t say it’s impressive, but it’s also not bad. Like most blushes it stays on your skin for a few hours, but after that it’s pretty much gone. To me that’s no big deal, but if it is to you, you might want to try either another color or a completely different brand.

But over all, I do like this blush a lot. It looks like a daring color at first, but when you apply it it’s not as bad as it seems. I really love the way it makes my cheeks look, which is the most important thing. Besides that it’s also pretty affordable, so looking at the quality of the product, I would say it’s definitely worth the money.

The Sleek Life’s A Peach Blush is available online for €5,45.

That was it for today’s review. I hope you liked reading it and let me know if you’ve ever tried a blush by Sleek!

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  1. I like your review style, Fiona. Would love to have you also share your reviews on It will get your blog more exposure for free


  2. Oooh ik vind die verpakkingen ook zo vervelend om open te maken. Daardoor gebruik ik ze niet zo vaak. Maar een pincet is misschien wel een idee.


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