Worth The Hype: Lady Speed Stick

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One of the most hyped deodorant brands in the world is Lady Speed Stick. Throughout my life I’ve heard so many good things about it. It’s supposed to be the best deodorant ever created. Sadly it was unavailable from where I live for the biggest part of my life. About two years ago a webshop that sells Lady Speed Stick and Secret deodorants was launched, but I always thought it was a bit too expensive. Recently I got luckily and I won Vera’s give-away where she gave away a Lady Speed Stick. After testing it thoroughly I’m going to review it for you guys and I’m going to be telling you if it’s worth the hype or not. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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The Lady Speed Stick comes in a very pretty purple packaging. The size is average and it contains 39,6 grams of deodorant. On the front you’ll find a sticker that provides you with some information about the product. The version I have the deodorant in the scent Wild Freesia, and I can tell you that scent is AMAZING. I absolutely love it.

On the front of the packaging Lady Speed Stick makes a lot of promises. It says that this deodorant provides you with 24 hours of protection. That it’s invisible dry and that it will keep you fresh from morning to night. Those are big promises, and I was more than excited to find out whether they were true or not.

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Let’s start off with the first promise: “invisible dry”. It was actually the first thing I noticed when I used this deodorant for the first time. It’s not wet or sticky like other stick deodorants are and it doesn’t leave you with that annoying white creamy layer underneath your arms that will eventually create those extremely annoying deodorant stains on your clothing. It actually only leaves an invisible layer of deodorant underneath my arms that smells really good and that doesn’t transfer onto your clothing.

But because the deodorant was this invisible, I started doubting the “24 hour protection” promise. I just couldn’t believe that an invisible deodorant like this one would be able to keep me from sweating all day. But to be honest, it actually is true. It actually keeps me from sweating ALL DAY. I’m not saying this because I want to believe it, I’m telling this to you guys because it’s true.

I have used this deodorant in lots of different situations now. I’ve worn this when I went to Germany to go shopping. I’ve worn it on a very long and busy day. I’ve worn this to my driving exam and I’ve worn this to a sweaty day at work. It literally never failed me. I’ve never experienced a bit of sweatiness during all those situations and I’ve never smelled any nasty smell from underneath my armpits (I’ve literally smelled my armpits a few time to check if it actually worked).

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But the very best thing about this deodorant is by far the scent. I just absolutely love the scent. It smells really, really nice but it’s not too strong. If you put your nose underneath your arms you will be able to smell it at all times, but it isn’t strong in a way you can smell it through your clothing which is a very good thing in my opinion. I hate being able to smell my deodorant through my clothing, that eventually leads to me hating the scent. I’m really glad that isn’t the case with this deodorant, and that it will never be the case.

So if you would ask me “is the Lady Speed Stick really as amazing as everyone claims it to be?” I would literally scream YES! I’m so impressed by this deodorant that I’m actually considering spending about €10 on it when I run out of it. I’ve literally never used a deodorant that kept me from sweating all day like this one does. It survives literally everything. I’m a hundred percent sure that the Lady Speed Stick is worth the hype!

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I highly, highly recommend trying this deodorant if you’re struggling with sweatiness or if you’re just curious after reading this. If you live in the Netherlands like I do I have to be honest it’s pretty expensive for a deodorant, but I honestly think it’s worth it. It’s just the best deodorant out there!

The Lady Speed Stick is available at the webshop Exclusivescents.nl for €5,49 (Excluding shipping costs).

That was it for today. I really want to thank Vera for giving me the opportunity to try this deodorant and I hope you enjoyed reading today’s review. Let me know if you’ve ever tried the Lady Speed Stick and if you like it too!

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