MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow

MUA Baked Trio Packaging

One of my favorite budget proof eyeshadow brands is by far MUA. I absolutely love their palettes, they never let me down. When I was shopping in London I decided to branch out a little and try one of their trio eyeshadows. If their eyeshadow palettes are absolutely amazing, these can’t be that bad right? Today I’m going to be reviewing this gorgeous trio and tell you guys if it’s just as amazing or if you should skip it. If you’re interested in finding out, keep on reading!

MUA Baked Trio Eyeshadows

Packaging wise I’m not a huge fan of this trio. The packaging is pretty thick and is bigger than it has to be. Since I have quite a lot of eyeshadow I really appreciate smaller or thinner packagings, since storing everything is really becoming a problem, so to me this packaging kind of sucks. The look of the packaging is not bad though. I like that you can see the colors through the lid and I like that they kept it simple and clean like always.

This eyeshadow trio (obviously) consists out of three eyeshadows. The three eyeshadows are baked. Back in the day, when I just started doing my makeup I loved baked eyeshadow. I thought they were the most pigmented things ever and I couldn’t get enough of them. However, most normal eyeshadow nowadays are way more pigmented in my opinion and are way nicer to work with since the colors are less dry and you don’t need a damp brush to get proper intensity.

MUA Baked Trio Colors

The colors in this trio are very neutral. You get a very pretty golden color with a pink sheen, which would be the perfect eyelid shade. You get a very pretty white shade with brown swirls in it, which could act as both a highlighter or a lid shade, and lastly you get a very pretty medium brown color with a very pretty shimmer to it. I really like the colors. They are perfect for creating an everyday, natural shimmery eyeshadow look, which is something I really love.

I think the colors look really pretty together, which might sound very obvious, but isn’t always the case. I do think you have to be warm toned or at least into warm toned eyeshadow in order to love this palette, but if you do, I think you’d be in love with the shades.

MUA Baked Trio Swatches

Pigmentation wise this trio kind of surprised me. I don’t really know why, but for some reason I just didn’t have really high expectations when it comes to this palette. Because I had such low expectations, I’m even more happy about the pigmentation than I would have been if I did have high expectations. It’s not the best palette I have ever had, and the colors aren’t crazily intense, but you can definitely work with it. You might not end up with a super intense eyeshadow look, but it does add that extra bit of definition and that extra sheen to the eyes.

Over all I’m definitely impressed by this trio and I definitely think it’s a great trio. I really love the colors that are in there and I love that even without using water, the color pay off is still pretty amazing. It’s not the best trio I have ever used and considering the fact I also have Urban Decay, Too Faced and Stila palettes in my collection I don’t think I will use it too much, but I do like like it.

MUA Baked Trio

I think this trio would be perfect for those of you who prefer a wash of color over the lid instead of an extreme or intense look. So if that’s what you like, you should definitely give this palette a try!

The MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow is available at Superdrug and Kruidvat for £2,50/€4,49.

That was it for today’s review. I hope you enjoyed reading it and be sure to let me know if you have ever tried any baked trio by MUA!

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