My bodybutter collection.

Naamloos 79

I’m a real big fan of bodybutters and I do own quite a lot of them. So today I would like to share my bodybutter collection with you guys.

Naamloos 77

Most of my bodybutters are from the Body Shop. I bought most of them when they were on sale, some I got for free with my order and I got one from my sister. On this picture are four of my faves. First of all the Mango XL bodybutter. This is a slightly bigger packaging than normally. The substance is quite thin for a bodybutter, but it’s super hydrating. I love the smell a lot!

The second one is quite new to my collection, it’s the Vineyard Peach bodybutter. This one is a bit harder, like most bodybutters are. I love the smell so much, it smells like freshly plucked peaches (if you pluck them, I honestly don’t really know). The one beside that one is the Pappaya body butter. I think this one (together with the Shea one) is my favorite of them all. I have never seen or smelled a real pappaya, but this stuff smells absolutely amazing.

The last one is the Passion Fruit one. It’s another nice smelling bodybutter. I do like it, but just a little bit less than the other ones.

Naamloos 76

Then I have some more TBS bodybutters. To start of with the Raspberry one. I got this one from my sister because she didn’t really like it. I do like the smell a lot. It’s not hardcore raspberry, cause I wouldn’t like that either, but just a nice and settle raspberry scent.

Then I have the Blueberry one. I love this one a lot too. I never expected that I would love that one, I used to think it smelled bad, but o my, it’s amazing. Next up is the Shea body butter. I have this one twice, because I got one for free. Before this one, I had a mini Shea bodybutter. That was my first bodybutter ever, and eversince that moment, I love them. The last one is a mini sized Strawberry one. I love how sweet this scent is. It’s also not as hard as the other ones.

Naamloos 78

My last two bodybutters from TBS are from the Christmas collection. The first one is the Ginger Sparkle scent. It’s not my favorite, but it’s a nice scent for the wintertime. The last one is the Cranberry Joy bodybutter. This one I do really like. I can’t really describe the smell of it, but trust me on this one, it smells great. I love all of my TBS bodybutters.

Naamloos 75

Lastly I have three bodybutters from different brands. One from Rituals, which is almost empty. It’s in the scent Magic Touch. this is more like a whipped body cream as they call it, but I think it fits into this category. It’s just a typical Rituals scent. It’s so amazing. I bought this one when I didn’t even have a job, and only got a bit of money to buy clothes every month. This one was so amazing that I decided to buy it. I’ve loved every bit of this product.

The one on top is from H&M. It’s from the Christmas collection. I got this one from my boyfriend. It’s in the scent Pink Macaroon and it has a pretty rosegold lid. I like the look of it a lot, and the smell is quite good as well.

Last up is my favorite of all, the Pink bodybutter in Warm & Cozy. I got this a few months ago in Brighton and I was so excited about it. It was my first Pink product (I actually got three at the same time, but you get the point). It was so hard to choose a scent because there was litteraly not one that didn’t smell absolutely amazing. I love this one so so much!

That were all my bodybutter. Let me know in the comments what your favorite bodybutter is!

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