Yves Rocher Mask & Scrub

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Today I have a review about the Yves Rocher Mask & Scrub. I’ve had this product in my collection for quite a while now, and I though it was right about time to review them for you.

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The little red tube is the Yves Rocher 3 min. cranberry cooling effect mask. It’s basically a mask that you can use when you don’t have enough time for a regular mask. The mask has the scent of cranberry and has a cooling effect.

The orangy/yellow tube is the Yves Rocher apricot fruity scrub. It’s a really nice scrub with apricot and small scrub particles. I’ve liked this product for quite a while now and I have already showed in in my favorites of August.

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When you put the scrub on your face it feels really soft. It looks just like a normal scrub. The color is a bit yellowish and you can see the small scrub particles. They look a bit like the seeds of a fruit. But when you massage it onto your skin everything changes. This is the part where the product gets different. The yellow color becomes white and the texture is completely different. Your skin will feels soft as silk and will smell amazing.

When you wash it off your skin will feel sticky and weird. It’s the same feeling as the way your skin feels after you removed shaving cream. But this feeling will go away after a minute or so and then you’re left with a soft skin. It’s a whole process and it’s kind of different than your usual scrub, but I love it. I love the way my skin feels after using it and the way it smells. This product is amazing!

The Yves Rocher Apricot Fruit Scrub costs €6,90 at the Yves Rocher webshop.

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The 3 minute mask is compared to the apricot scrub a bit more normal. The texture of the mask is kind of similar to the texture of a peel off mask. The only difference is that this mask doesn’t dry like that and you can’t peel it off.

I like that you only have to wait 3 minutes to wash it off because I usually don’t have enough time to put on a mask for half an hour. This product is ideal for people like me that just don’t have time for that or don’t have the patience to wait till it has dried.

Even though you only have to have it on for three minutes, this mask really does something for my skin. After I have washed it off my skin wil feel really soft, which is what you want from a mask. I really like it.

This mask costs €6,90 and is available at the Yves Rocher webshop.

All together I’m very happy with these two products. I got them for free with my order, which is something Yves Rocher does a lot. Both of them are absolute recommendations. They work really well, and smell really good. I hope you liked this review and let me know in the comments what your favorite mask/scrub is!


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