Ebay & Hema Stationary Haul

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Yup, I went on another Ebay spree. I was bored and I decided to check out what Ebay had in store for me. I ended up coming across a gazillion adorable sticky notes and I decided I just had to order some of them. They all came in extremely quickly, some even before the expected delivery date, so I was very impressed by that. Besides that I also went to Hema a few times and got some bits and bobs from there. Today I’m going to show you guys what I got. If you’re interested, keep on reading!

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First off all I want to show you guys my Hema purchases. They had a lot of sale going on including some stationary thingies so I had to get some. I bought these two hard cover notebooks for only €0,50 each. I love the designs of both notebooks and I also love that they have a hard cover. This way they won’t look ugly as quickly. I also really like that they are pretty small because that makes it more travel proof. I’m definitely going to get a lot of use out of these two notebooks.

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Next up are two more small notebooks by Hema. These came in a package of two notebooks for only €0,50. These notebooks don’t have a hard cover and have less pages in them than the previous two do, but that exactly what I like about it. I think these little booklets are perfect for shopping lists of wishlists. Because they are so small and thin they are super lightweight so if won’t make your bag weigh a million kilo’s and they won’t take in a lot of space.

Besides that the patterns of both booklets is just adorable. I’m normally not a huge fan of stars, but the little text on the bottom makes me really like it. The other one I like the best. The pattern reminds me of Victoria’s Secret. It’s super pretty!

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Besides notebooks I also got a whole lot of pens. The first three ones came in a set of three and costed €1. I really love the design on them. The two next to it aren’t that pretty and they weren’t my first choice but because the ones I bought in the first place didn’t work any more and those were the only ones left when I exchanged them I got those. The set of two costed €0,50.

The red and white pen is my favorite one. The text on it is adorable and I really love the pattern. Besides that it also has a little touch screen point thingy which you can use to navigate your phone with. It’s not something I would use but I still think it’s fun. I bought two of these because the second one was free and I really liked it. The pen costs €2.

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I also got a few pencils from Hema again because of the adorable designs. I feel like pens and pencils are always useful because I use them a lot in school and at home. This set was either €0,50 or €1 I’m not quite sure but either way super affordable.

And the last Hema item is a highlighter set. I wanted these because they are not as big as other highlighters so you can work very precisely with them. This set contains 12 highlighters, two of every color and it costed only €2. I really love using these.

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Onto the Ebay stuff. The first thing I got is this adorable little notebook. It says Episode Diary on the front and it has a really cute picture on it. I love the design. There were four different ones available but they send you one at random so I didn’t know which one I would get, but because all of them were adorable I didn’t mind. This one is super thin and lightweight like the Hema ones with the paper cover. I really like it.

I bought it from this seller for US $0,84.

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Next up are three adorable sticky notes. I discovered this seller or brand on Ebay called “Ginger” and he/she sells the most adorable sticky notes. It’s literally sticky note heaven, I’m not kidding. I kind of went a little crazy there. The first one has a London theme going on. As I told you guys a million times already I’m going to London very soon so therefore I decided to go for these. Also because I just love London.

The second one is very simple but still extremely cute. These can come in very handy when you want to like mark a page in a book. I just could not not buy these.

The last ones are two bigger ones. Unlike the heart ones these are useful for writing down small notes or things you need to remember. I like using these in my diary. I use them for example to write down things I have to do or need to remember that I don’t really want to write down in the diary itself.

All sticky notes are from this seller and costed US $0,80.

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Next up are two more sticky notes. The first ones are owl shaped. I am in love with these. I really like owls so I just needed them. It was love on first sight: the sticky note edition haha. The thing I love most about these is that there is a bigger one and two smaller ones so you can use them for both marking a page in your book as well as writing down little notes. This sticky note “set” is from this seller and costed US $0,99.

The last sticky notes I got are polar bear shaped. Aren’t these adorable?! I really like them. It might even be my favorite one out of them all. I like the shape and the pattern of the little thingy where the sticky notes are attached to. This one is also from this seller and costed US $0,79.

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Besides sticky notes I also got two really adorable pens. The first one is a very special one. It’s actually an erasable pen. How cool is that?! The fun thing is that it actually works. I’m so impressed. Besides the erasable pen feature, I also really like the way the pen looks. It’s adorable! The other pen is also really adorable. It has a little robot mustache thingy on the top part and it says “this mustache is vintage”. The nice thing about this pen is that it has a very sharp tip so it’s a really nice pen to write with. The erasable pen is from this seller and the mustache pen from this one. They both costed US $0,99.

That was it for today’s article. I really hoped you enjoyed my haul and let me know which item you like the most!

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5 thoughts on “Ebay & Hema Stationary Haul

  1. Ik heb op eBay ook heel veel leuke dingen gezien. Moet wel snel wezen met bestellen eigenlijk. Ik vind die sterretjes erg leuk.


  2. love how cute all the stationary is! i’m obsessed with the stuff you get at Paper Source and Barnes & Noble… have to control my buying impulse at those stores, especially when it comes to notebooks, haha! 🙂



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